Sizes Available: 136 x 40.5cm, 142 x 42cm, 146 x 43.5cm
Sizes Tested: 142 x 42cm

Slingshot Says:

The Misfit is a board for riders who don’t fit into any particular category of the sport and want one board that adapts and performs well in all conditions. Named after the determination we’ve always had to stand out, find our own way and refuse to conform to those around us. Easy upwind. Smooth transitions. Predictable pop. The Misfit features a shape, flex and rocker profile designed for a versatility in all conditions rather than specialized performance. Suited for all riding levels to get the best possible session, no matter what the conditions.

The Misfit features mild rocker, a relatively stiff flex and a bottom profile that favor upwind drive, plow-through-chop performance and all-around freeride handling. Laser-cut NACA channels give the Misfit contour in the tip and tail that help channel water to generate speed and grip. Although a competent freestyle crossover, the Misfit’s mild rocker means it’s better for all-around cruising and slashing than it is for sticking hard landings. Korroyd inlaid in the core, tips and tail of the board give it added strength while reducing weight.

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Our Testers Say:

“The Misfit ate up chop well, with good shock absorption for bumps and landings.” // Jeff Waldberg

“Heavier construction, great to edge upwind, great load and pop, with good edge control.” // Chris Myles

“Easy to ride, flexy and sexy in the chop with locked in edge control, flies upwind and pads worked great with booties.” // Cam Lewis

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This year the Misfit got the nifty translucent tips, but mark our words, it continues to be the fast freeride slash and dash machine that fits the riding style of more aggressive all around freeriders.

The Misfit has the standard Slingshot tech: fusion sidewalls, carbon bedrock inserts and the featherweight Koroyd tips that let the light shine on through. We’ve been reviewing this board for quite a while and with its standout narrower width in the template, slightly straighter rail and not a ton of rocker, this board locks in on course and rockets upwind. Working the best for aggressive riders that are looking for a board that can take as much input and power that you throw at it, the Misfit seemed a bit more forgiving through the chop during this year’s test and is ideally suited for the rider that wants massive edge control that can take a ton of load and be released for some massive big sent airs. 

The Misfit comes with three insert options for adjusting stance width and quite a number of options for adjusting duck built into the strap. The 2019 Dually pad and strap system features a rubbery feel with a subtle contour around the heel and two toe bumps but little in the way of a raised arch under foot. The pad has a diamond pattern with a density that falls on the firmer side, with a grippy rubbery texture. The strap features Velcro quad adjustments.  All you have to do is peel up the top layer of the Velcro flap and then you can adjust the quad adjustment straps underneath. You can also change the location of each quad adjuster where it connects to the footbed so you can really dial in these straps to your liking. The straps have a neoprene style covering underneath that drapes over your foot and testers seemed to like this comfy feel. Overall the Dually is a slick design with a lower profile pad that sticks to the board really well with an excellent combo of adjustment and comfort for those that like a medium/firm connection to the board.

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