Sizes Available: 134 x 40.5cm, 137 x 41.2cm, 141 x 41.5cm, 146 x 43.2cm
Sizes Tested: 142 x 42cm

Slingshot Says:

A dependable, user-friendly board designed for casual cruising, easy progression and a friendly feel in all conditions. It features a mild rocker that is great for progression and staying upwind. It features a lighter layup, that has a soft flex which gives it a fun and friendly feel. A great shape and build for entry-level or mellow riders with a lively wood core that has plenty of pop. A great all-around shape and rocker for a variety of wind and water conditions.

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Our Testers Say:

“Beauty of a board with comfy pads. Bigger outline that planes up early. Great board for lighter wind, comfortable to ride.” // Marko Bartscherer

“Surprisingly good feel. Comfortable pads and goes good upwind, smooth through chop, feels nice under foot with nice pop. Carving easily while slicing through the chop.” // Kiter Mike

“Good upwind, great edge control with good pads. This would be good for light wind; a bit heavier in the larger size, but smooth through the chop.” // Giusepe Molinario

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The reviews for the Crisis ring true to its marketing blurb as your standard all around freeride twin tip that is both comfortable and forgiving with just a dash of freestyle built into it. The Crisis features a fairly simple bottom shape, really subtle single concave and some bigger sized fins. Compared to the Misfit, which has a little bit more of a stiff flex pattern, the Crisis has a nice friendly template that goes through the chop really well, with a fairly locked in feel that is not quite as grippy as the Misfit in terms of upwind tracking. The template and flex make this a great freeride board for fun carving, with some tracking grip that isn’t super loose but great for reliable for rail to rail carving and jazzy bump and jump in the chop. The Crisis is an easy all-arounder with forgiving and easy to control tracking that doesn’t require pro-caliber edging skills to keep it going in the right direction and the flex is great for casual yet fun load and pop.

The Crisis comes with three insert options for adjusting stance width and quite a number of options for adjusting duck built into the strap. The 2019 Dually pad and strap system features a rubbery feel with a subtle contour around the heel and two toe bumps but little in the way of a raised arch under foot. The pad has a diamond pattern with a density that falls on the firmer side, with a grippy rubbery texture. The strap features Velcro quad adjustments.  All you have to do is peel up the top layer of the Velcro flap and then you can adjust the quad adjustment straps underneath. You can also change the location of each quad adjuster where it connects to the footbed so you can really dial in these straps to your liking. The straps have a neoprene style covering underneath that drapes over your foot and testers seemed to like this comfy feel. Overall the Dually is a slick design with a lower profile pad that sticks to the board really well with an excellent combo of adjustment and comfort for those that like a medium/firm connection to the board.

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