Sizes Available: 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15m
Sizes Tested: 10.5, 12, 15m

Liquid Force Says:

Redesigned with purpose. The NV Version 9 is just not a new colorway or slight change that has no impact on the performance of the kite. We looked at the ways in which the NV has excelled over the past 8 years and then took into consideration what we wanted the kite to do beyond any expectations. No doubt the NV is synonymous with stability and dependability in all conditions and styles of riding. Not only does the new NV V9 embrace its heritage but it now will set a new standard in freestyle kites.

The NV boasts a bold new complete airframe redesign. Squaring off the wingtips, combined with an entirely new leading edge to trailing edge profile has increased the handling and feel of the kite that will not only impress the freeriding specialist but will blow the mind of the wakestyle loyalist. Slight increase in leading edge diameter size, combined with integrated strut construction, has created a recipe for more responsive turn initiation and reactive feedback. This not only suits the needs of progressing riders but also the wants of aggressive unhooked trick masters providing smooth pull and controllable slack. Keeping true to the Liquid Force high-quality build, the NV V9 utilizes a simple, supportive bridle configuration that retains shape of the kite in the craziest of conditions. Bombproof construction points, such as the layered frame, and now the use of Teijin Triple Ripstop canopy material, will keep your confidence high to attempt that new trick over and over.

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Our Testers Say:

“Light bar pressure, easy turning, works well in flukey conditions. Middle of the road grunt, fun to fly and turned fast for the size.” // Marko Bartscherer

“Loved the bar design, easy to know where the kite is, felt super reliable, nimble and fast turning. Super stable with plenty of feedback, playful and stable with great response — the do anything freeride machine, well-rounded kite for all conditions. Comfortable bar, the sticky grip is amazeballs!” // Joe Chehock

“Powerful kite, steady pull, very solid in the sky — can’t Hindenburg. Great pop, and hangtime. Loves to be ridden over-sheeted and never backstalls, unhooked stability for days. Very connected feel.” // Dray Murray

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The boys at Liquid Force have been shaking things up lately and the new redesign on the NV reflects that never ending search for the perfect freeride/freestyle crossover kite that delivers all-around user-friendly handling that satisfies the performance requirements of big air and unhooked riders. The most visually apparent changes to the NV this year is the squared wingtips added to the 3-strut medium to low aspect airframe. The NV sports a single setting fixed bridle that doesn’t use any pulleys to change the angle of attack and the wingtips offer three wingtip settings that allow you to adjust from less to more bar pressure, with the stock setting in the middle. All LF kites come with one of the quickest inflation systems, a large diameter inflation valve which requires a proprietary LF pump nozzle (the NV also has a standard 9mm valve if you lose the extra wide nozzle that comes with every kite and attaches to the standard pump hose). Overall the NV feels as if LF trimmed a bit of weight with overall lighter construction and this is reflected with its agile flight in the sky. Testers liked the NV’s light to medium bar pressure, good steering response and middle of the road turning speed. With nice progressive power delivery across the bar’s movement the NV has a ‘sheet and go feel’ and really good depower at the end of the bar’s throw. Testers suggested moving the center line V upwards to give the canopy a more crisp feel in over powered conditions. In terms of steering, the NV felt fairly responsive to bar inputs with testers finding the turning speed middle of the road that meets the needs of both big air and unhooked riding styles. The steering arc seemed a little wider and in the larger sizes our testers continued to be impressed with turning speed, perhaps due to the lighter construction and boxier wingtips. When it comes to big boosting, testers gave the NV solid marks for user-friendly jumping that delivered good lift and even better hangtime. Overall the NV gets good marks as an all-around freeride kite that scores for its user-friendly bar dynamics, good middle of the road grunt with good depower and decent lift. The NV would work for the beginner through intermediate riders looking for a predictable boosting machine and easy going all around freeride cruiser.

This year the Mission bar received a color upgrade, getting a very clear red colored grip on the left and black colored grip on the right. Last year the Mission was an entirely new bar with an expansive list of features while still keeping the design clean and simple. The Mission Control features an adjustable length bar (available in two sizes: 40/46cm, or 49/55cm), durable large diameter PU coated sheeting/throw line, no sliding stopper, and a single center-line safety depower with an adjustable V (high or low by loosening a nut and changing height) – the safety line is routed down the center of the PU coated sheeting/throw line which is new this year and offers less friction when moving the bar up and down the throw. The Mission Control bar uses a stainless steel depower cam cleat and a Velcro on the depower control toggle to keep excess slack from tangling. The Mission Control comes with a new quick release design that features a below the bar hand swivel/release with integrated travel guard above the push away quick release. The quick release is designed to readily click into an auto reset position when the release handle is pushed away with the idea that reassembly on the water is quick and super easy by pushing the loop back into its gate. We found 80% of the time when you activate the safety system on land that the handle cocks into its locked position, then for reset, all you have to do is push the end of the loop back into the gate and the release handle will drop down. Because of the solid force that it takes to push the loop back into the gate, it helps if it is a two-handed operation. 20% of the time we found the release handle doesn’t lock into its cocked position and requires adjustment to put the handle in the lock position. We believe this happens when the handle is orientated with the release gate down and gravity interferes with the lock holding the handle in position (This typically happens when you are demonstrating the release on the beach and not in the water). By no means is this a deal killer, as we still consider this an awesome quick release, but the few times it doesn’t work just think about how you are holding the quick release. The center lines end in a knot (color coded red and gray) and the outside lines end in loops (color coded red and gray); the bar’s throw length is not adjustable and its floats are no longer integrated into the bar ends which is purposeful for a more flexible connection between the bar and the outside lines. The tips of the bar are soft and this year the bar end color coding is a bit more pronounced with both the grip and the bar end in red coloring to set off the left side. The outside leader lines allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning with three knots (stock setting on shortest setting). Testers liked the smooth narrow diameter bar with rubbery grip and tapering that widens as your hands approach the center of the bar, although they noted it fairly dense and not as soft as some of the other EVA bars. Overall the Mission Control system is a well-thought-out bar that offers a good mix of features and safety in a very functional package that exemplifies clean but function-rich bar design.

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