Sizes Available: 142cm
Sizes Tested: 142cm

Liquid Force Says:

Driving off of the amazing sensations created on the water from the other boards in the Liquid Force Hippy Stick lineup, the Moon Patrol and the Space Craft, we are proud to present you the ALL NEW Lunar Lander. The Lunar Lander is the brainchild of long time team rider Jason Slezak and LF’s engineering wizard Peter Mehrhof. Longing for the same plush ride, edge control, and displacement of water on landings from the double concave of the Legacy, Jason and Peter drew inspiration from progressive powder slashing and slope carving snowboards and transferred the most desired components from the frozen water realm of the mountains to the liquid realm of the oceans, lakes and rivers for your creative kiteboarding enjoyment. The Lunar Lander carries with it all of the great performance benefits of its parent board, the Legacy. The double concave to progressive rail concave bottom shape, center line tapered carbon reinforcement, and full bottom sheet vector net carbon weave lamination provides a butter smooth ride, precise flex, and lightweight lively feel that is sure to put a gigantic smile on the face of everyone who rides it…even the most skeptical of kiteboarders. The full nose, directional outline, asymmetric rocker, and deep “v” tail shape all wrap up this new and exciting addition to the LF Hippy Stick family for your shredding, slashing, and wave bashing enjoyment.

The Lunar Lander comes equipped with a 6 fin setup which can be configured in a 4 x 4cm fin setup, for a more traditional twintip feel, a 2 x 4cm for the nose and a 2 x 5cm fin setup to achieve more drive, projection and hold through turns…or any combination that your creative mind desires.

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Our Testers Say:

“I was very skeptical but I ended up LOVING it! As the name suggests, it will get you to the moon with its crazy design. Skatey, but will hold an edge. Not for a beginner, but fun fun fun — what a surprise!” // Micha Dassler

“Fast! Great upwind, pads are boss, solid edge grip but a little skatey for the shape. Heavier construction, but fast and fun for charging upwind and making smooth directional carves.” // Joe Chehock

“Loved this board — super comfortable with great straps and good upwind ability while being turny with a smooth ride.” // Kiter Mike

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

Liquid Force continues to be an innovator in the freeride/asymmetrical/hybrid twin tip game with a series of shapes they call “The Hippy Stick Lineup” which now has three boards that work as conventional twin tips but also have some unique ingredients for those looking for something that’s a little more geared towards carving and directional surfyness. If you hold it up to the Legacy you will see a very similar bottom shape; a dual concave with a subtle V-hull in the center that trends into a quad concave at the tips, with a flatter center and scoop into the nose and a good amount of rocker in the tail. The Lunar Lander has smaller fins up front and slightly bigger fins under the swallow tail on the back. The big question we always ask when we see these asymmetrical boards is how well they ride in reverse, essentially upwind in reverse with the tail first. And in that respect, testers found the Lunar Lander works quite well. You can feel that the smaller fins don’t set a track quite as locked in as riding with the nose headed first. You can also feel a little bit of extra board behind your back foot, yet it goes upwind quite well and is quite easy to manage. If you don’t want to ride this board fakey, the directional component of this board encourages tomfoolery, the likes of loading up jumps toeside or carving toeside upwind, all bringing variety to the freeride twin tip repertoire. When you ride the directional nose first, the Lunar Lander really comes alive, giving you the surf feel for carving off little swells. The Lunar Lander is not super grippy in terms of how it carves which keeps it a little more fun and playful, and it’s not super pivoty in turning because your foot is locked into a strap a little farther forward on the tail. We noticed the template is a little wider up front which might give it a little more displacement volume and glide for a twin tip. If the Liquid Force guys dreamed this up as a snowboard riding through the powder, the Lunar Lander delivers on that directional skateyness and fun factor, while still being super fun for boosting big airs and all around freeride.

The Lunar Lander comes with two inserts to adjust stance width and the Pro pad and strap system offers a number of options to dial in the stance duck for comfortable riding. The Pro strap is all encompassing and soft with a terry cloth-like liner over the arch of your foot. The system features three Velcro adjustments that offer enough adjustment to get the right fit. The footbed has a soft rubber-like material that is both very comfortable and grippy. The footbed has a fair amount of contour under your arch and the heel cup is sufficient to keep your foot locked into the binding. The Pro setup continues to be one of our favorite designs that combines a compact low profile durable pad with supremely comfortable footbeds and straps that accentuate the kiteboarding experience.


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