The Chrono V3 EXP has been developed for expert and expedition snowkiters as the ultimate high-level open cell foil kite. It is the same design as the Chrono V3 Ultralight with a partially open cell leading edge and features Ozone’s revolutionary internal re-ride release system.

The ability to safely self-land a kite in extreme conditions on the snow is a crucial feature when adventuring remote areas, high mountains or long distance expeditions/races. With feedback from Ozone’s adventure Snowkite team Jonas Lengwiler, winner of Vake and Ragnarok, and Greenland Expedition specialist and guide Håkon Mæland, Ozone developed the Chrono V3 EXP to be the unrestricted tool for true snowkite adventures. Featuring the best material combination to be as light as possible yet durable with bridle lines that are easy to sort and handle even in freezing temperatures. The EXP can withstand extreme strong conditions also when pulling heavily loaded sleds.

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