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F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech
Sizes Available: 135 x 39cm, 136 x 40.5cm, 137 x 42cm, 140 x 45cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 40.5cm

F-ONE Says:

The TRAX has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate freeride and freestyle board with a unique feeling on the water, offering both speed and comfort. The HRD Rail plays a significant role in the way the board performs, and it sets it apart from everything else out there.

The construction mixes unidirectional and bi-axial fibers at 45° to achieve the best balance in bending and torsion. This results in a board which feels easy to ride at full potential with great comfort. On the water the TRAX HRD Lite Tech offers a smooth, forgiving ride, the HRD rail eliminates spray and feels very comfortable regardless of the water conditions. The flex has been tuned to provide the optimum pop off the water, and the extra flex in the tips really helps to launch you into the air. When it comes to landings, the wide outline and channeled base combine to smooth things out and allow you to retain control at all times.

The board is so popular because it works for such a wide variety of riders; from experts in freestyle to beginners and everyone in between the TRAX is an excellent choice. Combining early planing, upwind ability and control there is plenty of performance at your disposal when you need it. From flat water to harsh chop the TRAX can handle it, you’ll get a ride like no other.

Visit for more info: https://www.f-one.world/product/trax-hrd-lite-tech

Our Testers Say:

“I felt really strong on this board. Feels locked in, super comfy footstraps, light board, excellent carving and edge control.” // Chris Myles

“Smooth handling with lots of edge control, pads firm, easy to adjust. Fun profile for smooth turns and great pop. Lightweight fun board for popping snappy jumps and ripping smooth carves. Instantly felt locked in.” // Joe Chehock

“Made me smile through the lulls, nice upwind ability, edge control and stickiness with comfy straps and smooth handling in the chop.” // Cam Lewis

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This year the Trax comes in two trim levels, the Lite Tech and ESL versions. While the two share the Trax name, the boards have very different shapes and construction.

The Trax HRD Lite Tech features an interesting bottom shape with a fairly constant rocker and a single concave down the middle that makes this board a little flatter in the middle with some good rocker in the tail. The Lite Tech version board comes with well-sized fins but it still feels fairly loose in the water yet tracks upwind efficiently. A fun to ride board with playful maneuverability, its tips are slightly rounded so it also handled the chop pretty well with no complaints. The Trax HRD Lite Tech was really fun and carvy off the waves with the chop and rail to rail performance giving us no problems. It has translucent channels which you can visually see when holding the board up to the light. Compared to the ESL version of the Trax, this Lite Tech version has a little stiffer rocker for better load and pop and has a little bit heavier overall weight for more intensive freestyle/freeride type kiters. The Lite Tech has a little less edge grip than the ESL version which makes this board a bit more suited to more active and aggressive riding, yet testers reported excellent edge control and good upwind ability. The Trax Lite Tech features the HRD rails which is a reverse rolled rail which you can feel in the way this board smoothly slides through chop and carves. Testers commented on the board’s good overall weight (though it’s not quite as light as the carbon version of the Trax) and excellent scores across the board as a user-friendly twin tip offering solid performance and grip for more aggressive freeriders.

The Trax HRD Lite Tech came with F-One’s Platinum3 bindings which features a smooth rubbery footbed that has quite a bit of contour built into them with fairly dense and middle of the road grippy texture. The strap is a single Velcro adjustment, and since we had to make some adjustments on the water, we were reminded of the big plus of mono-adjustment straps: that they are easy to adjust with two quick motions. Testers commented on the straps comfort, their firm footbeds and ability to adjust to a wide spectrum of foot sizes.

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