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Sizes Available: 132 x 39cm, 135 x 40cm, 138 x 41cm, 141 x 42cm
Sizes Tested: 138 x 41cm

Duotone Says:

The new Select is replacing the famous X-Ride and is the perfect board for riders looking to improve and advance their skills. A step up comfort board which offers increased performance for freeriding and those first freestyle tricks, coupled with incredible carving abilities for shredding waves. A soft flex achieved with the brand new Space Flex Technology makes the board comfortable and forgiving to ride even in the roughest of seas. Grab rails assure you´ll always get the right grip on your board no matter in which situation. The Step Mono Concave shape on the bottom increases the grip and upwind abilities of the board while weight is reduced thanks to the Carbon Beam, which also improves the responsiveness of the ride. Just as much fun in the waves as it is flying through the air or cruising upwind the Select is an all-rounder that will make you look great on the water, whatever your style.

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/boards/twintips/select

Our Testers Say:

“Easy rider, eats chop for breakfast. Great grip on the pads, easy on the knees; soft landings, perfect board for La Ventana’s chop.” // Dray Murray

“Excellent edging ability, comfy soft pads (easy/in/out), crushed it in the chop. Smooth turning, locked edge control and flies waaayyyyy upwind.” // Joe Chehock

“Locked in holding an edge and handles chop nicely. Comfortable footpads, minimal spray, and excellent carving.” // David Kirkup

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Select is Duotone’s progressive freeride all arounder board which replaces the X-Ride model this year. The Select boasts a little softer flex pattern than the Jaime and features slightly pulled in tips that give it a really user-friendly and playful feel. Testers reported excellent edging ability and high marks in its smooth riding through the chop. The Select doesn’t offer quite as locked in a feeling as the Jaime — its tracking and grip is a little looser and playful, yet testers said its upwind ability and ease of use was unparalleled. Testers praised the Select for its smooth rail to rail carving and transitions. We tested the regular construction of the Select which offers middle of the road weight that feels good in your hands, but if you’re looking for the ultimate featherweight comfort we’d bet it’s worth giving this board a try in the carbon Textreme construction. Words like ‘predictable’ and ‘intuitive’ frequented tester feedback, with many testers praising the Select’s super forgiving and soft landings; likely the softer flex pattern and pulled in tips help with dissipating impacts. For sticking those bigger airs with harder landings you will find the Select isn’t as firm during impact, but you can’t have it both ways — at some point you have to choose between comfort or hard-charging performance. The Select doesn’t quite have the load and pop for aggressive jumping that you get with the Jaime, but for all around freeriding the Select offers fun and reliable handling that newer riders will find very useful through the course of early progression and beyond in general cruisy freeride enjoyment.

Our Duotone twin tips came with the Entity pads and straps system. The Entity features the new snap adjustment straps that replace the standard Velcro enclosure for the snap system you find on the back of a standard baseball hat. The Entity pad offers a ton of adjustment with the board offering a track system for a large and infinite degree of stance width adjustment and a large number of options for adjusting duck. The Entity’s position relative to center line can also be adjusted and the binding has a nice low-profile frame that hugs the deck and feels very secure. The footbeds offer a nice rubbery feeling with medium to soft plushness and have subtle heel cupping and soft toe bumps that allow your toes to really bite into the pad. The center of the footbed offers a little bit of contour under the arch of your foot and the entire setup ensures that your foot has a sure grip on the board. The straps themselves are dual adjustable and each anchor point can be moved forward or aft in the binding to get the perfect coverage for your foot. The straps have a soft velvety fabric feel underneath that testers really liked. Tester reviews were always emphatically positive on the Entity’s comfort, although the snap-based closure system on the straps had its fans and its critics. The snaps might take a little bit more effort to lineup compared to Velcro and is probably an exercise best left for the beach with two free hands. It’s a nifty design, but whether it moves the ball forward for you is largely a personal decision. Overall, the Entity is one of those pad and strap systems that received universal raving praise for its comfort and control.


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