SLINGSHOT Hover Glide FKite Foil
Sizes Available: Front Wing 65cm , Mast 71cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 65cm , Mast 71cm

Slingshot Says:

We have taken all the input we have gotten from our foil academy (thousands of users) to build the most dynamic and playful all-around kite foil package on the market, period. This is Slingshot innovation at its finest, and it’s years ahead of the competition. Do your research … you’ll see what we mean. The 2019 Hover Glide FKite package is equipped with the Space Skate 65 (H4) front wing and the Space Skate is the obvious evolution for the FKite package. This is one of the most versatile foils in our line. Its size and surface area provide the lift and stability needed for learning, progression, tricks and transitions. Its unique dihedral shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and self-centering flight that you have to feel to believe.

All Hover Glide wings have been reengineered for 2019 with a new carbon composite material. The magic feel of the Space Skate (H4) wing comes from its arched ‘batwing’ shape that acts as a self-centering device as you ride. When you lean into a turn and let off, it wants to find level flight rather than continuing at the same angle and requiring rider input to correct. The result is a super playful and forgiving feel that lets you bounce from turn to turn like you’re carving down a fresh patch of pavement on a longboard – hence its name, the Space Skate.

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Our Testers Say:

“Foil engages at slow speed, has a playful surfy feel and is well-ballanced on all axes. Fun for carving, pumping and practicing transitions.” // Dray Murray

“Nice smooth ride, gets up easily, planes through the lulls, could be lighter, but smooth and easy turns.” // Micha Dassler

“A well-balanced, predictable foil which is suited for both learning as well as progressing to wave riding and freestyle foiling.” // Tib Anghel

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Slingshot Hover Glide FKite foil is the zero to hero foil in this year’s freeride test that covers the full range from the beginner foilboarder to fun/advanced carving for the experienced freerider. We were given the massive front wing, AKA the Spaceskate 65cm wing with the 42cm rear wing and a 71cm high mast which makes this is a really fun and playful carving foil. The SpaceSkate assembles with two sizes of allen wrenches with multiple mounting on the base plate and two settings on the fuselage. The most apparent feature we first noticed is that the Hover Glide FKite foil has a really nice and slow foil up speed, which is ideal for those just getting started with foiling, yet the slow threshold allows you to match the speed of wave energy for easy-to-use and extremely fun carving performance which will keep the attention of intermediate and advanced riders. This wing tends to be fairly reactive and playful on the yaw/side to side axis as well as the roll axis, with a little bit more stability on the pitch/up and down axis. This balance of inputs makes it really easy to avoid the porpoise effect while still being able to carve the foil as aggressively as you like. When it comes to turning, the wing feels like it has a really tight pivoting turn that yields snappy tight turns which works really well in smaller waves and choppy conditions, this being ideal for locking in extended downwind gliding in the short interval swell of La Ventana. The construction on the Hover Glide is very durable with an aluminum mast, aluminum fuselage and metal wings which gives you the confidence to take the foil into any situation; crash it into some reefs, drop it on some rocks and the wing is still 100% there. The weight of the full metal construction is noticeable, particularly when you are carrying this setup on the beach but once you get it on the water the weight really is a non-issue. When you go to foil up the wing has a little bit of buoyancy so it’s easy to set the board on edge and get your feet in the straps or if you’re riding strapless, apply some heel edge pressure to hold the foil in the starting position long enough to stroke your kite. While the slow foil up speed is one of the dominant feature of the Hover Glide, it’s no slouch in the top-speed department. If you’re trying to set some course records, best to look elsewhere, but for the freeride foilboarder the Spaceskate’s top speed is more than enough to cover some distance to that distant reef break. We really enjoyed pumping the Spaceskate, it’s drive is incredible and you can feel the foil accelerate with each stab. Overall, we think the Spaceskate is an excellent learning option, while other foils cater to the beginner by stabilizing all the axis’, yet they often require a faster foil up speed. We believe the slower foil up speed of the Spaceskate is an equally compelling learning tool as well as the performance that surf-minded intermediate and advanced surf-minded foilboarders will enjoy. Bottom line, the Slingshot Hover Glide FKite foil with the Spaceskate wing is a really good beginner to advanced foil set up geared for endless carving fun that you just won’t get tired of.


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