Sizes Available: 136 x 41.7cm, 141 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 41.7cm, 141 x 43cm

Liquid Force Says:

What do you get from over a decade of board design and collaboration between kiteboarding pioneer Jason Slezak and legendary shaper Jimmy Redmon? You get the precise, refined twin tip that is the Liquid Force Legacy. Back for its fourth season the Legacy’s full double concave hull, progressive rail concave, split “V” tip design and calculated flex pattern provides unmatched control and response on the water. The flow of the Legacy’s outline combined with the subtle yet precise bottom contours simply plow through chop, as if it wasn’t even there, while allowing for fast drag free water flow along the entire bottom of the board.

This provides superior edge hold for fast upwind reaches, smooth downwind carves, powerful takeoffs, and feather soft landings. The channel free bottom results in a hand shaped organic feel, yet utilizes state-of-the-art materials such as the carbon center reinforcement and full vector net carbon weave bottom sheet for reduced weight, controlled flex, and added pop and life to the board. The Legacy, much like Jason, likes to ride everything and in every condition; from huge lofty airs, to powered park sessions, to playful slashes the Legacy will take everything that you throw at it and ask for more.

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Our Testers Say:

“Feels kind of skatey and loose, needs extra weight on the edge to hold it. Good upwind ability that did well in the chop.” // Chris Myles

“Super comfortable straps, cuts nicely through all the chop, super smooth through the bump with great pop. The only thing that interrupts this magic carpet rides is the air time you get when you pop off the chop.” // Marko Bartscherer

“Fun, floaty, carves well, skatey, straps are super soft and hold your feet with plenty of padding and adjustment. The Legacy turns smooth and has loads of pop and boasts some of the cushiest straps/pads in the industry.” // Joe Chehock

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Legacy is one of those performance freestyle-oriented boards that keeps enough of its mild-mannered freeride characteristics to remain user-friendly to most skill levels of kiters. The Legacy is a hybrid that meets the needs of someone that sits squarely in the freeriding category yet still aspires to step up into freestyle type riding, be it S-bends, butter slides or handlepasses. The Legacy has a sturdy overall weight, but feels quick, light and playful in the water. With its subtle pulled in tips, fairly straight rocker at the center of the board and increased rocker in the tips, the Legacy feels fast and efficient with a template that lends itself to rail to rail carves. With regard to its tracking, the Legacy falls on the skatey side, with a medium to loose grip that requires extra attention to keep the rail and fins locked in, but also keeps the ride very playful and fun for more aggressive riding. Testers all felt the Legacy’s weight and outline worked great in the choppy conditions, smoothing the way through bumpy upwind runs. The Legacy is a refined shape that has had years of tweaking to deliver the perfect middle of the road flex pattern that yields good reflex for load and pop, yet doesn’t feel too stiff for general freeride through crappy conditions and is just soft enough that landings feel forgiving.

The Legacy comes with two inserts to adjust stance width and the Pro pad and strap system offers a number of options to dial in the stance duck for comfortable riding. The Pro strap is all-encompassing and soft with a terry cloth-like liner over the arch of your foot. The system features three Velcro adjustments that offer enough adjustment to get the right fit. The footbed has a soft rubber-like material that is both very comfortable and grippy. The footbed has a fair amount of contour under your arch and the heel cup is sufficient to keep your foot locked into the binding. The Pro setup continues to be one of our favorite designs that combines a compact low profile durable pad with supremely comfortable footbeds and straps that accentuate the kiteboarding experience.

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