It’s been an awesome week on this SKM World Championship in the Huez Alp. All the riders arrived at the Huez Alp, even if it wasn’t so easy to reach the ski resort due to the constant snowing, but who can complain? In total, 31 riders from 7 countries competed during the week to be crowned the SnowKite Master! The event managed to launch one round of the Free Race Championship, but with little visibility.

Photo: Bertrand Boone

The Snowkite Park was more than ready to welcome all the best Mondial riders. It was shaped by Guillaume of the Sataski Crew, on the Poutran Pass Spot. It was an amazing park with 4 tables and many modules including a rainbow, one box and some kickers placed by the riders. Sun and fresh snow (with more than one meter of powder) provided a perfect atmosphere, and an incredibly high level of riders were all motivated to send the most amazing tricks.

Photo: Bertrand Boone

However, despite the riders and staff patience, the weather conditions did not allow the event to complete the Freestyle competition, so the Snowkite Freerace IFKO World Cup was validated during the Sunday race.

Photo: Bertrand Boone

A big thank you to all the speakers, riders, partners and staff of the Snowkite Masters, and to all the Huez Alp Ski Station. Rider Laurent Guyot noted, “I’m a little bit disappointed that I cannot make the freestyle competition because of the absence of wind, god knows that we tried with every little sign of air, to make the best tricks, but the wind didn’t want to play with us this year. Nature is like that, she’s the only and final decision, so we have to take it with philosophy. I’m just a kind of frustrated because I did a lot of training in order to compete against the biggest riders. I have a few technical tricks on my pocket that I haven’t been able to show, but I’ll have to wait until next time! 

Photo: Bertrand Boone

2019 Snowkite Masters Overall Ranking:

Snowkite – skis – men
1st – Maxime Chabloz (CHE)
2nd – Titouan Galea (FRA)
3rd – Sébastien Carre (FRA)

Snowkite – skis – women
1st – Kari Schibevaag (NOR)
2nd – Muriel Vandenbempt (FRA)
3rd – Hélodie Bedos (FRA)

Snowkite – board – men

1st – Guillaume Chastagnol (FRA)
2nd – Laurent Guyot (FRA)
3rd – Camille Ponsonnier (FRA)

Snowkite – board – women

1st – Alexia Fancelli (FRA)
2nd – Agata Dobrynska (POL)
3rd – Karolina Larsson (SWE)

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