Originally from Kenya, Issy now resides in the wakestyle haven of Hood River, USA during the summer months for training and competitions. For the rest of the year, she can be found touring the world; her passion for the sport and for traveling means that she takes her nomadic lifestyle on the road visiting and exploring unique spots, most recently venturing off around Qatar in the Middle East. Issy will be taking Ozone on the road with her and competing with their newest freestyle release, the AMP V1, a new paradigm in C-kite design offers the right response, feedback and control for Issy to perfect her back mobes and tantrums off the kickers. The ultra smooth flying capabilities of the AMP provides the inspirational confidence to go for it. Issy first competed in South Africa in 2014 and has since gone on to compete throughout the world on both slider and in free­style formats. She is a qualified kiteboarding coach with over 5 years of teaching experience under her belt which gives her a well-rounded understanding of the consumers view and ques­tions regarding products and equipment. A very warm & windy welcome to the team Issy!

A NOTE FROM ISSY HERSELF: “This year is going to be my biggest in terms of progression and pushing the level of kiteboarding possibilities for women in the United States and around the world.  I am excited to go where people haven’t and capture the authenticity of my experiences through videography and photography. I am so excited about the AMP, I had a great time on it shredding the park with Ozone team rider Alex Lewis Hughes at the AWSI last year, I can’t wait to get my hands on them and get ripping. I have been mainly focused on park riding recently as well as a few trips to Brazil for freestyle. The KPL is my main passion, however, I also love to mix it up with waves and flat-water tricks as well. In fact, I have been based in Hood River the last summer seasons and use the winter to follow the wind. Why Ozone? I am all about positivity and believe Ozone has the right vibes towards pushing and supporting their team to be the best they can be. The quality is beyond any I have experienced and I appreciate the dedication of the designers to make sure I have the best gear out on the water!”

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