The quintessential Brazilian bossa nova jazz anthem is a song about a beautiful beach girl living in the fashionable enclave to the west of Rio de Janeiro’s famed tourist beach Copacabana. ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ was first made famous in 1962 by a Brazilian musician and poet duo who wrote about a local girl who used to walk the streets of Ipanema. It was a sexy opus to the ephemeral beauty of youth and Brazilian beach culture. 

Unlike the more famed Copacabana beach of Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema has always been known as a center of culture and fashion with world-class restaurants and high-end real estate crowding the waterfront district. Framed to the west by the iconic ‘Two Brothers’ or Morro Dois Irmaos mountains, Ipanema is also known to surfers for its heavy shore break and to kitesurfers for its frontal-driven wind.

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