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Tkb’s Winter 2018 issue drops into the rack with tons of eye-popping and mind-blowing classic kite stories that will put you one step closer to knowing everything one needs to know about the legendary people and places of kiteboarding.

On the cover, 14-year-old Brazilian-American Mikaili Sol is taking the professional freestyle tour by storm as the first female to land a double heart attack in competition. In a tour driven by extra rotations, Mikaili perfects a grab for photographer Toby Bromwich.

In this issue Lucas Arsenault provides proof of the insane locations and conditions on Prince Edward Island and Sensi Graves shares the good, bad and the ugly of her 9-year kiteboarding companion. We get the backstory on Moscow-based kite photographer Svetlana Romantsova and follow Jalou Langeree, Catharina Edin and Olivia Jenkins to Indonesia for an all-girls barrel riding mission and then trail Sam Medysky on a westward migration in pursuit of maintaining his unconventional lifestyle before following Brazilian Sebastian Ribeiro to the iconic beach of Ipanema in search of hollow beach breaks and summertime frontal winds.

Fasten your quick release and dig in! Tkb’s 2018 winter issue, Vol. 15, No. 4 is available now in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.


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For years, Lucas Arsenault has been dreaming of the day he could reveal the true colors of his northeastern Canadian stomping grounds to the kiteboarding world. Armed with professional photographers and fellow Cabrinha team riders, Lucas and his crew set about pioneering new locations and showcasing all that Prince Edward Island has to offer.

For those whom have the audacity to combine the person you love with an obsessive sport like kiteboarding, the outcome is often chaotic, ranging somewhere on the spectrum between good, bad and ugly. Sensi Graves reflects on the success and failures of her 9-year relationship with kite partner Brandon Scheid.

Trading the stability of city life and a sure-footed office job for the passion of a boom or bust freelance professional photography career, Moscow-based Svetlana Romantsova is establishing herself within the industry, shooting world tours and capturing top-tier athletes.

The history of barrel riding has long been dominated by men until this fall when Jalou Langeree, Catharina Edin and Olivia Jenkins challenged the gender barrier at the birthplace of the kitesurfing coverup.

The Great Lake’s Sam Medysky embarks on a lifelong experiment seeking out an unconventional lifestyle via a professional kiteboarding career that has plotted a westward migratory path to Squamish, the boardsports capital of Canada.

Earning fame from its 1960s bossa nova anthem, The Girl from Ipanema, the iconic strand of beach on the south side of Rio de Janeiro is better known to kitesurfing locals for its hollow beach break and summertime frontal winds.

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