LIVESTREAM: Watch the event live on the GKA Facebook page or on their website today!

Yesterday’s registration for round six of the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour on Tuesday 20th November saw 33 men and 8 women register to compete at the stunning Prea beach at The Ceara Kite Pro.

Among the competitor list for this penultimate 2018 season event are tour favorites such as Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes and Mitu Monteiro as well as 2x World Champion Jalou Langeree who is making her comeback in the women’s event as she tries to chase down Carla Herreira-Oria.

Signing up at Rancho do Peixe in Prea.

Strapless sisters

Perhaps the biggest new face is Gollito Estredo from Venezuela – a 9x windsurfing freestyle World Champion! A great friend of Airton Cozzolino and Francesco Capuzzo (another windsurfing world tour competitor on the GKA Tour), we’re amped to see what he will bring!

Gollito Estredo – 9 x windsurfing World Freestyle Champion!

The GKA’s first event in Brazil coincides with the first livestream broadcast for the Kite-Surf World Tour. Prea is one of the most consistent and stronger wind venues on this coast, so it’s going to be a huge week of action that kicks-off today!

Camera and commentary staging at Rancho do Peixe, Prea.

The judging criteria has also had a tweak to allow for the livestream format. In the heats we’ll see riders attempting one trick on each tack as the judges are looking for height and quality over quantity.
We’re expecting averages of 25 knot conditions for the competition with judges taking a rider’s best 8 scores from different trick categories to accumulate their overall score.
The trick scores will be awarded based on four criteria:

  • Technical difficulty
  • Height and amplitude
  • Power
  • Risk Factor

Registration complete the riders hit the water for a final warm up session in these ultra consistent hairdryer winds.

Jalou Langeree is back on tour!

Airton Cozzolino already wowing the beach.

LIVESTREAM: Watch the event live on the GKA Facebook page or on their website today!

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