JN’s got a pretty nice exchange deal to offer thanks to Boards & More, JN’s partner for bar systems for 2018. It’s simple: You send your old but complete JN bar system back to JN, free of charge and they’ll send you a new 2018 North bar system at recommended retail price minus 45%. What’s cool is that the old JN bar systems we will
recycle and donated – only if still technically ok of courses – to young riders who cannot afford new gear.

North Americans
Send back your old JN bar to:
JN Kitesports.
Po Box 703 Frisco, NC 27936
Write to them what North bar system you would like to have from North’s 2018 program.
Announce yourself & your shipping address.
The campaign starts today until the 5th of November and is valid as long as they have availability.

Feel free to contact JN for any questions:
JN Europe & beyond: info@jn-kites.com
JN America’s: info@jnkites.us