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LiP Sunglasses’ VIVIDE™ Ice Blue lenses provide more control over light transmission by filtering out blue light and enhancing red and green light. For watersports, the overwhelming amount of blue colours can make it very hard to notice subtle details on the water. As the oceans are predominantly blue/blue-grey, limiting the amount of blue light that reaches the eye and enhancing other colors re-balances the color tones entering the eye. This fine-tuning maximizes contrast and enables lens wearers to see details in or on the water or in the sky that might be missed by the naked eye.

This sharpening of visual acuity allows lens wearers to see more clearly and react faster to the world changing around them. With a light transmission rate of 8.35%, it also means less eye fatigue in bright conditions as the eye doesn’t strain to see movement clearly. This translates into better performance for longer time periods in your chosen watersports discipline. What’s not to like?

Lenses designed exclusively for watersports

To further enhance the visual experience, the injected polarisation layer removes glare bouncing back from the surface of the water, reducing eye strain further. Last but by no means least, the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on both the inner and outer lens surfaces mean that sea-spray and wipe-outs have no material effect on your vision. Just keep riding, and let the double vortex venting do its job and the water will disperse from the lens surfaces.

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