We heard there was a place, a place where countless cultures intertwine like the wind in the palm leaves; color coated villages with temples on every corner and the smell of roti’s sizzling through the alleys, fields of soft sugarcane stretching to the base of mighty mountains, where every peak has its story, scattered jungles guarding their mystical waterfalls where the wild things roam. Through the mangroves where mamas gather to wash their families clothing, hear their rich soulful song in a language you recognize but can’t quite put your finger to. Past the gateway of trees lies white grains of sand with the sound of coconuts being battled by machetes. Here lies the guardian of the island. Don’t be fooled by its crystal clear turquoise completion, for its forces are colossal. Out at the reef lay the One-eyed barrels waiting to be tamed by the brave riders of life. Welcome to Mauritius. Let dream team, (Sasha Jade and Oswald Smith) take you there.

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