EiRNYC Says:

Made of high quality, therapeutic blends of premium, wild-crafted herbs, and essential oils, EiR products are designed to speed internal healing while providing the external benefits of softening, cleansing, and repairing the skin. The products are made with simple, 100% natural, chemical-free ingredients, making them safe for children and perfect for anyone wanting healthy, clean skincare.

More info here: https://eirnyc.com/

TKB Says:

Ditch the chemicals for something more natural. Named after the Norse goddess of healing, Eir (pronounced air), the team behind EiRNYC have created “nature’s first aid kit for your active lifestyle,” as they like to put it. The EirNYC line is an collection of skincare products including sunscreens, balms, salves and chapsticks that are all chemical-free, made with all natural ingredients and infused with medicinal herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils in order to speed up recovery from injuries, provide deep relief for over-stressed muscles and promote healing from the inside out. With compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging, EirNYC’s core mission is to create clean products with minimal impact on the environment. Locally produced in Brooklyn, New York, and made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the ladies at EiRNYC, sent a care package out to California so that we could test out a few of their products on the rugged Pacific coast.

If you’re looking for a less harmful sunscreen for both your skin and the ocean, look no further. Our personal favorite in the EirNYC lineup was their 1.5 oz Surf Mud Pro and Snow Patrol sunscreen sticks. Ideal for traveling and housed in 100% compostable packaging, these sunsticks are reef-safe, meaning they don’t contain chemicals that are harmful to our oceans and coral reefs. Packed with zinc oxide, both sunsticks offer all natural, non-chemical protection against UVA and UVB light rays and the beeswax ingredients in both act as a water repellent, creating a barrier between the sun and your skin and ensuring that the product stays on and keeps you protected during those long kitesurfing sessions.

The sunstick is easy to apply directly to your face and blend in with your fingers. For those who want a more natural shade, the Surf Mud Pro is made with cocoa powder which gives it a tan tint (similar to a foundation) whereas the Snow Patrol has a more chalky consistency leaving your face with a more zinc-y whitish color. Either way, we found that both of these natural sunsticks provide all-day-wear for long lasting protection. This has become our go-to sunscreen and not once have we got burned. In fact, the sunscreen stays on so well it sometimes makes it to the dinner table. Tip: Remove sunscreen with EiRNYC’s Hydrating Face Mist or Active Face Wash. We’ve also found that if we rinse our face with coconut oil it removes any sunscreen residue from earlier in the day. 

Inspired by the Mayan chocolate mask used to protect, hydrate and heal the skin, EirNYC also offers their Surf Mud in a 2oz tin. The same ingredients and long-lasting protection as their face stick above, this version of their Surf Mud is applied directly with your fingers. Store it in a cool place, but make sure it’s warm and soft enough to rub your fingers in before applying to your face.

Our care package also came with EiRNYC’s Cooling Lip Balm and Ski Lips. Ensuring we keep our lips hydrated and don’t burn them out on the water, the Cooling Lip Balm contains zinc for sun protection and goes on clear with a tingly coconut-mint moisturizing aroma while the cinnamon-scented Ski Lips is bit more zinc-heavy and leaves a sheer zinc white tint for ultimate sun protection. Burdened with the nonstop bumps and bruises of the active sports lifestyle, we’ve quickly become big fans of EiRNYC’s array of healing products. The Cooling Butter became our first aid go-to for cuts, bruises and burns. Long day in the sun? Bashed your shin with your board? Harness rash? Wetsuit chaffing? EiRNYC’s Cooling Butter is infused with Arnica, a medicinal herb and active ingredient known to reduce swelling and act as an anti-inflammatory agent; along with lavender, tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. Surf fin in the chest and a giant bruise? No problem, the Cooling Butter eases bruising, muscle aches and joint pain.

Additionally the Rolling Linament, an extra strength, mentholated, herb-infused oil works as an extra strength, ache reliever. It features menthol which functions as a natural numbing effect (similar to Tiger Balm) and works as a vasodilator, widening blood vessels, which increases blood flow. The Rolling Linament oil consists of an assortment of essential oils and herbs with anti-inflammatory and healing properties including calendula, comfrey, peppermint, spike lavender oil and white camphor oil. We also found this product excellent at soothing headaches when rolled on your forehead.

EiRNYC offers a solid collection of skincare products aimed at the outdoor enthusiast. Whether it be kiting, hiking, biking or surfing, their product line includes all natural sunblocks, multi-purpose sanitizers, deodorants, liniments, oils for bug bites and herb-infused balms for healing sore muscles and restoring damaged skin. For environmental friendly, non-toxic, all natural skincare check out: https://eirnyc.com/

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