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One of the industry’s leading kite companies abandons the name and logo upon which they built their legacy in favor of a new moniker: Duotone. With the same innovative team and portfolio of award-winning products, company ringleader, Till Eberle, has little doubt about forging a new and stronger tone.

Doug, who runs the North American distribution for North Kiteboarding out of Hood River, Oregon, is only a few bites into his pasta when Till drops a bomb—the kind of bomb that brings an experienced businessman to cold sweats—the same kind of bomb that makes you question the roof over your head; Doug’s got a wife and two daughters to support with more than just new kites. His jaw drops in bewilderment; How could North Kiteboarding, the brand which Doug has been building for the past 17 years, be forced into such a crippling corner? Having driven North Kiteboarding’s North American sales division since its inception, not only is this company his passion, it’s also the source of his paycheck. How does the market-leading company with the strongest worldwide distribution network just start over from scratch?