Cabrinha Says:

For the any rider looking for a diverse wing set, which can take you from your first steps to next level freeride and waves. The Hi-Rise Lift is a lower aspect, high lifting wing which is perfect for many things. For starters, it is a great way to introduce yourself to hydrofoiling with its easy and stable lifting platform. With its ability to lift at low speeds, the Hi-Rise Lift is also the choice of riders looking to foil board in the surf.

Tkb Says:

This year the Cabrinha foilboarding program got a significant upgrade with two new wings based on the all new Hi-Rise platform, the freeride carving wing is marketed as the Lift while there’s a Speed version for those that want to go fast. This year’s design features a wider aluminum mast, a tapered aluminum fuselage with a really solid construction that bolts together with a single size allen wrench, making assembly super easy and reliable with one tool. Cabrinha’s mast plate is designed to both work with boards that feature track mounting systems as well as boards with a single setting board that bolts through the deck of the board. The baseplate is machined out so it has less aluminum and the Lift comes with glass wings and features a simple single setting setup with a fatter front wing that offers you the slower foil up speeds crucial to start carving in unbroken swell and chop. The wing features a broarder span and wasn’t quite as low aspect as some of the other surf foils in the test. Compared to the Speed wingset, the Lift was a little bit heavier when mated with the X-Breed foilboard. When it comes to mounting we threaded our bolts through the countersunk holes in the mast plate, fastening the mast to the inserts inside the track.

Overall this foil is a little bit more of a freeride specialist with a slow to medium foil-up speed. There are slower foils out there but the Hi-Rise Lift strikes a very kite friendly balance between getting on to foil easily while still having a little more high-end speed than a dedicated surf foil which makes it a nice all around option. In terms of control, it felt like all the inputs were fairly balanced. We found the directional yaw axis was a little bit more active than the pitch and the roll which made the board more reactive to front foot directional steering which makes the board fun and playful for carving. At higher speeds, we noticed that the foil has a little less lift. Many foils require you to lean forward as you accelerate and this foil seemed like you could release some from foot pressure at higher speeds. Compared to the Hi-Rise Speed wing, it felt like the Lift was a bit more user-friendly and easier to control. Inputs weren’t quite as aggressive and of course, the speeds were slower, so the Lift might be a great entry-level option compared to the Speed which may be a nice upgrade for those wanting to do some serious distance. Compared to last year’s Double Agent wing, the Lift seems to be a bit easier to control and a little less twitchy which makes the Lift really fun with good steering and perfect carving for tight little turns on the face of waves.

When it comes to the board, we mated the Hi-Rise Lift to the Xbreed directional board which seemed like a great entry-level to intermediate option for someone who also wants a board that can crossover into directional surf. The XBreed 5’3” features surfboard construction with fatter rails and buoyancy that makes waterstarts and foil-up fairly predictable. We found that when it came to accidental touchdowns the rail was pretty forgiving. The XBreed features three forward/aft foot strap settings with the front foot mounted down the middle of the board and the rear foot strap inserts offering a duck option. We felt this board has a solid volume to help you get up and going but has a little more heft in the air compared to the Double Agent for more aggressive riding. The XBreed deck is domed, so for those who prefer a flat deck that might be something you want to think about.

When it comes down to brass tacks, the Hi-Rise Lift is an excellent freeride kite foil that is well suited for progression as well as freeride carving and while offering some good top-end speeds that will keep your eyes wide open.