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The team at Surfin Sem Fim wants you to feel at home.  They provide everything necessary to make sure you are satisfied from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. The natural beauty and uniqueness of their routes are truly remarkable and never disappoint. Come see for yourself what paradise is really like!

Upcoming Adventures

Delta Route
Preá to Atins – 05/11 – 12/11

This is the natural continuation of the Classic Path. Here, you will have a pleasure to make a downwind in 3 diferents states of Brazil on this route: Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão. In this path landscape starts to change a lot. You will be getting to a transition area between the dry northeast region to the wet and green Amazon forest. There will be more rivers, dunes, mangroves, forest, and less civilization. Learn more about the Delta route here: https://surfinsemfim.com.br/product/delta-route

SSF Beginner
Preá to Tatajuba – 20/10 – 23/10

Perfect for riders who want their first taste of the long distance experience, this shorter route is the first segment of our Delta routes, a great experience in itself, and also the ideal way to gain the downwind experience that you need for our longer routes. Learn more about SSF Beginner here: https://surfinsemfim.com.br/product/ssf-beginner

SSF Light
Preá to Camocim – 30/09 – 04/10

Are you ready to level up? Surfin Sem Fim has the perfect route for you! Check out our SSF Light route this September. This route is great for those looking to improve their downwind skills, in some of the best conditions in the world. You’ll wake up every morning wanting more—guaranteed! Learn more about the SSF Light route here: https://surfinsemfim.com.br/product/ssf-light/