Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 17m
Sizes Tested: 14m

Airush Says:

The Ultra V2 has redefined our lofty expectations of what a kite can do. The lightweight and stability has opened up places we could never have kited, in marginal conditions we would not have considered kiteable.
With unbeatable performance, weight saving features and an exclusive Airush Load Frame for maximum durability, the Ultra kite has been the go-to kite for foil riders, wave riders and snow kiters alike.

When considering the Ultra evolution, a focus on segmentation reduction through the canopy and leading edge Lightweight Single Strut geometry increases the skin tension per panel. Less segments result in more tension between each segment point. This increases the responsiveness of the Ultra V2, while maintaining stability.

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TKB Says:

The Ultra was the first kite we rode in this year’s light wind test and it was a great option to get us in the light wind mood. The Ultra V2 has a medium to high aspect canopy shape that features a single strut design that feels refreshingly light in your hands and over the water. The Utlra comes equipped with the standard large flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle found on most pumps for a quick inflate, two wingtip attachments for low and high bar pressure settings and a single-setting front bridle with the center lines ending in knots and the outside lines ending in a loop/larkshead. The flying lines have nice color coding that tells you what’s going on and the bar comes with line extensions. When it comes to feel, the Ultra V2 14m surprisingly combines a good amount of low-end grunt with a fairly quick feel through the window. The bar pressure feels light to medium for such a large kite, and while steering response is not super-crisp, with a little windup the kite can be steered fast enough to build power below park and ride conditions.

Given the amount of power that you can get out of this kite, we were impressed with the steering and when it came to boosting airs, we were pleasantly surprised by the kite’s ability to load and pop for sent airs that felt like a solid 10-feet of vertical when it was barely whitecapping. In terms of swiftness of steering, the ability to load and send the kite was rather impressive. The kite tended to sit deeper in the window for that solid pulling feel but when it came to getting upwind on a twin tip the Ultra took us where we wanted to go every time without that heavy handed downwind kind of pull. The combination of the single strut and canopy materials made for a really light feel both in the air and when you’re flipping the kite over on the beach. You do experience a little bit of washiness or play in the steering dynamics because with only a single strut, the canopy has significantly less structure, however, for a single strut kite, it still feels fairly solid.

The Ultra earned marks as a top performer and we had a lot of fun boosting airs with solid hangtime and respectable lift. Overall, the Ultra V2 is a great choice for the freeride kiter willing to overlook the nuances of single strut feel for excellent light wind performance.

We tested the Ultra V2 with the Core Cleat Bar which features an above the bar cleat for adjusting power. The center lines end in knots and the outside lines end in loops. The Core Bar features a single center-line depower with a low V and a reduced diameter PU-coated depower/throw line for durability and longevity. This bar features a sliding stopper to adjust travel, but there is no adjustment for changing the overall length between the quick release and power control. The depower strap has Velcro to keep it in place while riding. This quick release features a below the bar hand swivel integrated into a push away quick release with QR travel shield. While the swivel is easy to access and turn, it doesn’t have the same ease of spin you might find in some other models. The bar diameter is thin with medium density cushiness which got good reviews from testers for comfort in our freeride review. With new molded bar ends, the Core Bar features integrated floats but no retractable bar bungees and comes with 10cm of width adjustment that you can access with an allen key. The bar offers something for everyone and for those that are sensitive to bar length, they can make the change with the use of a common tool.

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