Sizes Available: 3, 5, 7, 9, 10.5, 12, 14.5, 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

RRD Says:

The RRD Emotion MK3 is a one-strut kite developed for those who are looking for a kite that is specifically designed for light wind performance, freeriding and hydrofoiling with great turning speed, stability, and boosting power.

A lightweight, simple, clean, and easy to use kite with exceptional relaunch is the standard for the new RRD Emotion MK3. Developing a stable profile in low winds, gusty winds, and overpowered conditions, while maintaining exceptional relaunching, was a real design challenge. But the decision to offer a new thrilling alternative for kiters that want to simplify their quiver and be able to be the first one on the water easily outweighed that challenge. It is truly amazing how compact this kite is and how little wind is needed to fly and to get you riding. The MK3 is suited for all disciplines, from freestyle to freeride, or from hydrofoiling to waves. The Emotion MK3 is a faithful companion that will enhance your stoke for the sport.

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TKB Says:

This year we were lucky enough to test RRD’s single strut light wind kite against their 3-strut performance light wind kite in a back to back comparison that once again illustrates the classic give and take of the single-strut approach to light wind. The Emotion 17m we tested features a medium aspect canopy with a single center strut and a canopy that achieves stability without the use of battens with a fairly large diameter leading edge. The Emotion uses a large diameter bayonet style inflation valve that requires no nozzle on the end of your standard pump hose for a quick and easy pump up. The Emotion offers a set it and forget it single wingtip setting and the front bridle is a fairly short and simple single setting arrangement that uses one pully to change the kite’s angle of attack. The center lines end in a loop and the outside lines end in a knot. The Emotion sits fairly far back in the window and delivers a large amount of low-end pull you would expect from a 17m kite. As it happened, we ended up flying the Emotion just as the wind was dying and sent most people back to the beach. We noted that the Emotion had no problem hanging out in the sky overhead in about 4-knots of wind which allowed us to get off the beach and out to a wind line for a very productive session. As we learned, kite stability and a lightweight airframe can oftentimes be the difference between getting wet or staying on the beach.

In terms of bar pressure, we found the Emotion to be medium plus bar pressure which is a very comfortable mix for a kite of this size. The turning speed is pretty much middle of the road, not mind-blowing, but just what you would expect from a 17m low-end pulling machine. In terms of steering response the Emotion is just fast enough to be very adept at boosting little airs with very useable lift and a ton of hangtime. Being a 17m single-strut, this kite has its range, and it tends to shine in the pulling department with fairly good upwind ability, but its bread and butter is its pulling power to get you going on a twin tip or directional in really light conditions. Compared to the 15m Passion we tested, the Emotion 17m has the low-end that two extra square meters affords. The Emotion’s steering is a bit more washy; without those extra struts, the single-strut produces a bar feel that isn’t quite as crisp, yet the Emotion’s turning speed is above average for a single strut design.

The Emotion came with RRD’s Global v8 bar which is a fixed length bar available in a single length of 55cm with 22m lines. The Global bar features loops at the end of the center lines and knots at the end of the outside lines for connecting to the kite. While the lines do not offer the option for extensions, the bar features a single center line safety depower system and a low V with above the bar tuning cleat with Velcro on the depower strap. The trim loop opens and can be wrapped around the center line for to keep the toggle in place if adjustment on the fly is not desired. The Global bar features a static length plastic coated throw/depower line with a sliding stopper that came in super handy for longer tacks on the bigger size kites. The safety line runs up the center keeping the bar very simple, uncluttered and clean. The Global bar features an easy to use push away quick release, a QR shield and a below the bar hand swivel. The floats are integrated into the padded bar ends, (line lengths not tunable) and the bar bungees are not retractable. At first use, the bar diameter falls on the narrow side, but the grip is fairly cushiony with big padded bar ends that have sufficient space to wind lines. Our freeride testers commented on the high quality of the flying lines, both smooth and durable feeling. RRD has clearly put some time into the development of this bar and offers a sold mix between tech, function and simplicity.

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