Sizes Available: 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 15m

North Says:

The Juice is our light wind kite; perfect for freeriding in light winds. Available in two sizes, 15 and 17m, it’s a great kite for riders looking for a light wind cruiser with playful characteristics and handling who want to be the first on the water. The Juice is dynamic and exciting; riders can enjoy smooth fast turns, plenty of low-end power and excellent float through the air too. The kite is also incredibly easy to relaunch, something that is important in light winds. These characteristics have been achieved by using a light wind construction method that keeps the kite in the air in the smallest of breezes. Using just three struts also reduces the weight but ensures the canopy is stable when the wind increases, giving the kite a good wind range. If you want to be the first person on the water, you need the Juice in your life!

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TKB Says:

Well this might be the last time you see a North logo on this kite! The Juice model, regardless of the brand logo you slap on it, is built by the team formerly known as North to be a medium to high aspect light wind weapon that blurs the line between a race kite and performance freeride kite. The Juice features a 3-strut mid to higher aspect design that is a very compelling approach to light wind twin tip riding. The Juice uses a large diameter inflation valve dubbed the ‘Airport Valve II’ which connects directly with the end of the pump hose without the use of a nozzle; the inflation system’s twist valve rotates with the insertion of the hose to keep air in the system. Deflation happens through both the inflation valve and a dump valve on one side of the kite, making both inflation and deflation quick and easy. The canopy comes with two sets of batons in the trailing edge and three wingtip settings which allows you to choose between hard medium and soft, with the kite rigged stock on the middle setting. The front bridle is a single setting bridle with a pulley. The center lines end in a loop and the outside lines end in a knot.

We found that the Juice moves throught the window fairly fast and feels as if it flies farther forward in the window compared to some of the other larger kites. As a result it feels as if the Juice wants to fly upwind and avoids one of the biggest gripes with large kites, namely that they pull you hard but in the wrong direction (down wind). When you power up the Juice’s canopy it’s really easy to turn that energy into forward upwind movement. We found the bar pressure to be medium or medium plus and generally, we found the turning response for the 15m size to be fairly solid, particularly for this kind of design. While there is some wind-up in the turning, we found the turning speed to be quite adequate for finding power when we needed it and also fun for jumping. In terms of power, it has a good amount of low-end and seems to build power through apparent wind which adds some extra usable grunt when you get it moving.

When it came to boosting airs it was quite easy and predictable to generate solid lift and really impressive hangtime. Hangtime might be standard with kites of this size, but the lift we were able to get out of sent airs was worth noting. We really liked how the Juice moves fairly quick through the window and it always seemed like it was helping us get back upwind to our launch point. Overall, it was a very comfortable kite that we would definitely recommend for general freeride, cruising and twin tipping in light wind.

The Trust bar is a dual adjustable length bar that comes in two options, 42/49cm and a 46/53cm lengths. On the smaller bar you can choose between 19 or 22m lines and on the longer bar, you can choose between 24 and 27m lines. North feels line length is an important tunable feature to match with your kite and style of riding. The 4-line base version has a single center line safety depower that runs up to one of the bridles. The center lines feature a loop for rigging purposes. The adjustable length spectra throw line features a tuning cleat with a magnet on the depower strap to keep it in place. The Trust has a push away quick release with a below the bar hand swivel that also functions as a quick release travel guard. At the time of purchase, you can select from three different chicken loop options. The first is the ‘Rope Harness kit’ which is a super short loop with a metal center for rope traveler-based harnesses. The second and probably most common is the ‘Freeride kit’ which is the standard length chicken loop for regular freeride, and finally the ‘Freestyle kit’ features an extra large loop for those that are unhooking on a regular basis. We tested the bar with the smaller sized loop which was great for general freeride because it keeps all the bar controls within close reach. The Trust features a spectra trim/throw line, a sliding stopper for long tacks and a firm molded donkey dick to prevent accidental unhooking. The padded bar ends are tunable and offer integrated floats and retractable bar bungees for a clean wrap up. The bar grip is fairly plush EVA with middle-of-the-road texture which makes the Trust a very comfy bar and continues to be one of the highlights of our test weeks.

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This page was updated on July 16, 2019. 

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