Sizes Available: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16m
Sizes Tested: 12, 14, 16m

JN Says:

The new model AIR 1 Strut, is a light wind and foilboarder-oriented variation of the Mr. Fantastic 4th generation and offers you typical JN sportive performance. Thanks to a very powerful kite surface, in Full 3D-Concave-Shape, the Mr. Fantastic covers a wide wind range and offers easy handling by a simple and refined 4-line set up. The all-purpose kite offers the necessary characteristics to all stages of rider skills and an On/Off power generation for beginners, tight turns and a stable well balanced flying character for more experienced foil-boarders, free- and wave-riders. Mr. Fantastic is shaped with a ‘swept back’ leading edge, which allows the rider to adjust the angle of approach as with other high depower kites, but without the loss of direct steering. The JN specific canopy to tip construction gives the kite a very responsive and direct character combined with moderate bar pressure. The simple bridles support the increased angle of approach and additionally enhance the kite’s stability while offering a wide wind range.

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TKB Says:

You can now get the Mr. Fantastic in a 16m size with a single strut canopy which features a low to medium aspect sail plan with a fairly overall lightweight build. The Mr. Fantasitc sports a narrow leading edge tube for a kite of this size and uses a small amount of dacron along the trailing edge. Both these design elements when combined with its single strut frame yields a refreshingly fast and efficient feel throughout the window. The Mr. Fantastic features the large diameter bayonet style inflation valve that requires no nozzle on the end of your standard pump hose for a quick and easy pump up. The wingtip settings come with three options labeled with bar feedback from ‘+ to +++.’ The leading edge is supported by a single setting fixed bridle with no pulleys, with the bridle’s overall size being noticeably long in length. Clearing water off the kite can be one of the biggest challenges in a light wind relaunch so the canopy features small apertures JN calls ‘Water Holes’ which are essentially vents in the canopy along the leading edge towards the wingtip designed for venting out water on a relaunch.

The Mr. Fantastic in the single strut version generates a solid amount of power. We tested it on a day where we weren’t even really seeing whitecaps and yet we were flying upwind and boosting off of small waves. In terms of stroke, a lot of the sheeting in and out happens in a fairly short length of throw and yet with this limited bar action, the kite has a good amount of depower. Like most single strut kites, there is a little bit of washiness in the steering and when you completely sheet out you’ll feel some canopy flutter that comes back as feedback into the bar. Like many single strut designs, you’ll also notice the sheeting feel is not quite as crisp as the Mr. Fantastic in its three strut configuration. What you pay for in crisp bar feel you get back in a really light airframe that generates a good amount of low-end pull and has a fairly active and fast feel through the sky for such a low aspect kite. In terms of turning speed for a 16m, the Mr. Fantastic is pretty much middle of the road for a big kite but with that said, a well-timed load and pop can yield solid 10-foot jumps in light winds. The steering arc feels a little bit more like a pivot and the kite sits a little bit deeper in the window, yet it still wants to send you upwind with a good amount of useable power. Overall, the Mr. Fantastic Air Edition is definitively a 16m contender for the light wind twin tip rider whose looking for something that’s cruisy and delivers an extra little punch for the lightest winds.

The Master’s Craft Bar 2 is an adjustable length bar (45cm to 55cm) that features a unique push away quick release. A one-piece loop separates from the quick release body above the loop, so the chicken loop stays with your harness hook and the quick release leaves with the bar. This swivel-less bar features a single center line depower that ensures a solid flag, with a high V split to the kite’s leading edge bridle and a clam cleat for adjusting the power. The center lines end in loops while the outside lines end in knots with clear labels that help you choose settings while rigging the kite. The Master’s Craft uses a PVC covered throw line for durability and the bar floats are separated from the bar and can easily be pushed up to adjust the length of the outside lines. The bar ends have substantial room for winding the lines at the end of a session and bungees to ensure it doesn’t come undone in the back of your car. With a medium density EVA grip with a fairly aggressive pattern, this bar won’t slip out of your hands during the heavier moments. Overall, the Master’s Craft bar features a few solid adjustment options in a simple, fairly lightweight package.

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