CORE Fusion 3 LW
Sizes Available: 147 x 44, 152 x 46cm
Sizes Tested: 152 x 46cm

Core Says:

Don’t just mow the lawn. Do the stuff you normally do even in the slightest wind with the new Fusion 3 LW or Light Wind edition. Or is it Legit Woohoos edition because we’re pretty sure both of our Fusion 3 LW models bring legitimate but different woohoos to marginal days. Like the smaller’s cat-like agility and the larger’s mad swagger.

The 3rd generation LW’s feature a new multi-channel hull, progressive rails, a sophisticated LW rocker, and slightly wider tips. Our engineers also invested considerable effort fine tuning the CNC milled Paulownia wood core, the backbone of the Fusion 3 LW’s unmistakable, smooth riding, energetic feel. And no Fusion 3 LW is complete without our new and fabulous Union Pro 2 or Comfort pads and straps.

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Tkb Says:

Since foils are now the rage for light wind kiteboarding, the Core Fusion with Cartan Carbon was the only light wind twin tip submitted to our test this year. While there’s a ton of excitement and development in the foil sector, you still need a twin tip if you want to practice your freestyle game in the lightest of air. The Fusion features a wide door-like template with parabolic cut rails and carbon construction to keep a board of this size quick and nimble. This board comes with three stance width settings and a ton of options for setting the duck of your stance. The Fusion has definitly  got the width you need to get you out in almost any conditions yet the rails are pretty forgiving for its size. The Fusion has a fair amount of rocker for a light wind door-style board, which made riding this board in the ocean with a good amount of chop very comfortable and user-friendly, yet with the large kites we were using, we had no problem getting this board on plane and going upwind. While we were surrounded by people on surfboards struggling to stay upwind, we were returning to our launch point each time.

In terms of edging, the board feels locked-in with edge control being fairly easy to manage. Even with the extra width we still felt like we had good control over our heel-side rail. In terms of pivoting and transitions, the Fusion gives you just enough fin to give you confidence but you can also break it free and slide the board around which makes the board still fun and playful. When it comes to jumping you can still load this board and release. The carbon build gives you a lighter overall weight that makes jumping fun because you don’t feel like you have a lead weight attached to your feet. When it comes to doing transitions and rotations the board rotates quite well. While generally, this isn’t kind of board we would normally be enticed to ride waves, despite its length and width, the Fusion can still be fun slashing/carving on the face of a wave and has fairly intuitive toeside carving. We found the Fusion to be a relatively versatile board; we could pretty much do everything that we would do on a normal freestyle board with a little finesse, but its most important characteristic is that it landed us back upwind in some pretty meager conditions. The bottom shape features a couple of channels that run full length with a V-hull down the center which probably explains why the Fusion cuts through the chop pretty well for its size. The channel and fin placement works really well to give you a solid edge for railing upwind, this being particularly important in lighter winds when the larger kites tend to want to pull you downwind.

We really liked the quad adjustment strap setup which we found exceptionally simple and easy to adjust in a quick two-step process. The straps have a nice and soft feel over the top of your foot which is really comfortable. The footpad was fairly large with our 9.5 sized foot barely reaching over the toe bump, but as far as plushness goes, it has a nice rubbery feel with tons of texture and a little bit of heel cupping to keep your foot in place. The Fusion comes with a padded handle which is a nice feature and the straps and bindings are well designed and easy to assemble. Overall this is an excellent light wind board that will get you moving around in challenging conditions while keeping the fun freestyle factor alive and well in your session.