WMFG Says:


As the originator of the big, tall, oversized, kiteboard pump WMFG is proud to introduce the third generation pump 3.0T! Our new and improved extra big, tall, high volume kiteboard pump takes all the fighting out of inflation. Easier, faster, better.

WMFG Kiteboard Pump 3.0T: $70

For more info visit: https://wmfg.co/products/wmfg-kiteboard-pump-3-0t

TKB Says:

If you’re still toting around an old, standard sized pump, it’s seriously time for an upgrade. Standing 24” tall, the WMFG 3.0T pump comes in 4″ taller than a standard pump. And while there’s arguably little room for improvement on the industry’s already leading kite pump, the WMFG’s 2018 3.0T pump features a new lever system that allows you to easily swap pumping pressures from high volume dual stroke inflation to high pressure single stroke inflation. 

The concept isn’t completely new, but it makes swapping between the single and double stroke modes a whole lot easier. The 1.0T Pump, WMFG’s first version, offered a one-way/two-way plug which could be inserted into a hole to initiate double action inflation on the up and down stroke. When unplugged, it would dangle and put the pump in single stroke mode to inflate the kite on the down stroke. The next version of the pump, the 2.0T, featured a one-way/two-way switch which was a twist mechanism on the pump itself but was often difficult to grasp and twist especially for those with larger fingers. Finally, the 3.0T now features a new, easy to switch lever that protrudes from the pump, making it much easier to flick from one position to the other. 














The beauty of the lever is that when you’re starting to pump up your kite there’s no resistance, and this is the ideal time to use the dual stroke position when moving the plunger both down and up is really easy. However, as you get closer to 80% inflation each stroke has more resistance and the up-stroke becomes increasingly hard on your back muscles. Since the new lever is super accessible, it makes switching modes super easy by simply reaching down and switching the lever to high pressure allowing you to finish the final few pumps of your kite with an easy single down stroke. While this seems like a really simple feature, in practice if you use the right technique its really a huge jump forward, particularly for people with back issues. It’s much like switching gears. Would you ride a ten speed in your highest gear up a steep hill? No, you’d just downshift and effortlessly work your way to the top… and then turn around and bomb down the hill like crazy, or in kitesurfing, launch and kite your brains out.

The 3.0T also comes with WMFG’s new black Mega Flex Hose. Compared to the previous white hose, the Mega Flex Hose super flexible and has almost a rubbery feeling on the outside (not your standard plastic hose). These new features allow for high-flow, help to prevent kinks in the hose and also make it much more manageable when connecting to and pumping up your kite. 

Finally, the 3.0T WMFG pump comes with the most comprehensive set of nozzles on the market. Keep them in their handy WMFG branded bag attached to your pump or in your car so you can hook up your friends who ride other branded kites when they need a pump at the beach. Note: SUP nozzle (required for newer F-One Kites) sold separately. 

WMFG’s 3.0T is twice as fast as a standard pump, half the effort and extra easy on your back. Super smooth with quick pumping abilities and an easy transition from single to double stroke inflation, once you’ve tried this pump you won’t go back.    

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