Turquoise water, coconuts and palmtrees’s are trending. People flocking to paradise to full their instagram feeds with smoothy breakfast bowls and bikini shots… Well, one thing was sure.. Graham Howes and the Dirty Habits crew wanted none of that!
“The idea came about in Cape Town over summer. Everyone was booking their tickets to Bali, Tarifa and Cabarete. Don’t get me wrong, spending a week in boardies and a Bintang tank top is tempting, but we wanted something new, something real, something to remember. So we rounded up a crew. Myself, Nick Jacobsen, my brother Craig Howes and 3 of our mates/videographers/photographers Jop Heemskerk, Dean Cothill and Shawn Ogulu. If you haven’t heard of the Faroe Islands, don’t worry neither had I. 18 Volcanic Islands tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean: cold, wet and very far from Cape Town. What I did know about it, was the images I had seen of the ‘floating’ lake above the ocean, surrounded by some 2000ft high sea cliffs and waterfalls.Our mission: to kiteboard above the ocean, and everywhere and anywhere else possible”
— Graham Howes, Dirty Habits crew