There is no doubt about it, kite foiling is up and coming as one of the most efficient sports on the water. It is awesome for those light wind days to get your water time and is incredibly fun to do. It’s new challenge to learn without risking your body too much. It allows you to glide over the water, go on long distance kite missions and explore new places. That said, kitefoiling isn’t as easy as it looks. Kitefoiling can be extremely frustrating to learn as it is very different from kiteboarding and other board sports. Here Tom Court’s top five tips to learn to kitefoil.

If you’ve been eager to try foilboarding, this guide is full of information specifically for you. The Tkb Foil Instructional Guide is full of information and tips that will help speed your progression through your first rides and onto intermediate and advanced foilboarding moves. Get your digital copy here: https://www.thekiteboarder.com/product/tkb-foil-instructional-guide/

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