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We made a full length movie—a year’s worth of hard work wrapped up into a tidy package, all ready for the public’s viewing pleasure. The endless process of tweaking was finally finished; director Noe Font had put his final seal of approval on the project and since no more changes could be made to the feature length film, it was time to share it with the world.

Distribution in this day and age is typically as simple as uploading your film to a major online video hosting site and watching in anticipation as the ticker climbs with each view. But from the start of this project, we had taken a different approach, so we figured, why stop there? We decided that we wanted to take a more personal approach to showing off our hard work: a premiere tour, a mainstay amongst other boardsports videography, but a formality that has long been lost to kiteboarding culture.

Carefully planning a 14-stop schedule, Craig Cunningham, Noe Font and myself arranged a tour that would reach most of the major kiteboarding destinations around the globe. Each premiere would ideally be in a theatre, have a proper sound system and would have as many of the athletes from the movie in attendance as possible. The tour kicked off in Hood River, Oregon before venturing across four continents and wrapping things up with four stops in Australia. Noe, Craig and I decided we wanted to be in attendance at all of the stops down under in order to meet the people from the other side of the world who cared enough about our movie to come out to see it. At the same time, we wanted to celebrate the completion of The Bubble project with a relaxing road trip. We outlined what seemed like a reasonable four week itinerary along one of the most scenic coastlines in the world, with the Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne premieres along the way.

Noe arrived earlier than Craig and me to handle the Perth premiere on the west coast before meeting up with us for the Gold Coast stop. Once all together on the east coast of Oz, we loaded up an RV and set off to see as many kite and surf spots as we could possibly fit in between the three east coast premieres. Grossly underestimating how many epic spots we’d encounter, our initial schedule immediately went straight out the window as we quickly became lost in the land of Oz.