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Men’s 1st Place: Aymeric Martin

Aymeric Martin is no stranger to the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational and we’re excited to announce him as the 2018 Wildcard winner. 720’s both ways, inversions off the kicker, technical slider hits and plenty of amplitude defined Aymeric Martin’s Wildcard Entry. In the end, it was speed, power, and flow that earned him the top Wildcard.

Men’s 2nd Place: Nicolas Gilomen

Slider game pretty much sums it up. Nicolas Gilomen certainly has a bag of tricks off of kickers but when he’s hitting a slider or rail, you can really tell he is a step above. From the locked in presses to the spins on and off, Nicolas Gilomen has incredible style and is a welcome addition to the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

Women’s 1st Place: Manuela Jungo

It was a close round but Manuela Jungo secured 1st place with a heel back 5 and technical slider hits.  Few females are throwing double handle passes and it was this feat that brought Manuela to the top. We are stoked to welcome her back to Cape Hatteras to compete this year.

Women’s 2nd Place: Isabel Von Zastrow

Isabel Von Zastrow is back in the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational again for 2018.  We’re stoked to see this two-time Wildcard continue onto the main event June 2nd-8th. Isabel carries great speed through features and lands confidentially powered. We are looking forward to this high-speed approach in the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S.

The Winners of the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard contest were chosen based entirely on park style riding. Riders were not judged on any video editing skills, lifestyle, cable riding, boosting, or traditional freestyle kiteboarding.  The focus is on sliders, kickers and park style features.  Aymeric Martin, Nicolas Gilomen, Manuela Jungo & Isabel Von Zastrow followed the guidelines set in the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard rules and rode their way to victory in the 2018 Wildcard Video Contest.

Congratulations to the winners, Aymeric Martin, Nicolas Gilomen, Manuela Jungo & Isabel Von Zastrow, who will be competing against the world’s wakestyle elite in the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Thank you to all the riders and viewers of the Wildcard Video Contest. There is still a chance to get in the main event via the Wind Voyager Triple-S Open. The top 2 men and top 2 women will move on to the main event starting just after the Open Competition. Stay tuned for updates from the 2018 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational June 2-8, 2018.