Sizes Available: 4’6″ × 18″ × 2 1/4″ 23.8L, 4’11” × 18 1/2″ × 2 3/4″ 29.6 L
Sizes Tested: 4’11” × 18 1/2″ × 2 3/4″ 29.6L


The new Pro Foil is a modern all round hydrofoil specific kiteboard suited to all riders from intermediate to expert. The board features an adjustable double track mounting system to accommodate a wide range of foils using the 4-bolt mounting system. With a double concave deck shape and three strap setup the Pro Foil delivers a maximum amount of comfort and control. You’ll feel the supreme leverage due to your feet sitting deep into the deck of the board and the large beveled rails reduce catching while going upwind and the entire board is shaped to reduce drag when you touch down from flight.

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Tkb Says:

The Pro Foil is a race-inspired design that belongs to the class of board that is specifically designed for the art of foilboarding without any compromises. The Pro Foil offers riders a good amount of volume to help with waterstarts and liftoff. Its adjustable mast track is a very nice feature which allows you to tune the mast placement to your preference; most likely  in the back for beginners and moving forward until you find your sweet spot for more experienced riders. The Pro Foil offers a large number of strap inserts, five holes for both footstraps with the front foot only offered in a duck/windsurfing style configuration.

The chine built into the rails worked wonderfully while railing upwind—periodically we’d slice through the top of a piece of chop and the rail wouldn’t grab or upset the angle—the foil and board would keep heading in the direction we wanted to go. The deck has a subtle concave shape that focuses your foot’s input at your toes and heel for solid intuitive control of the foil and as North points out, the concave puts your feet closer to the base of the mast for better leverage. The deck pads are fairly thin and deliver the perfect amount of grip and control/feedback from your wing while keeping your feet comfy (foam not only dampens chop but also the feel/feedback of your wing  and since you’re floating rather than pounding chop there’s no need for extra layers of foam between you and your stick).  Overall, the Pro Foil offers all the features you’d find in a race board, design features intended to help you get around a race course without making any mistakes (mistakes on a race course are slow). All of these features make everything from the first waterstarts to the first couple runs, and after that the Pro Foil makes all around riding much easier and user-friendly for a great freeride design that will continue to perform throughout the entire progression of skill level. If you are a beginner or you want to log some serious miles in a straight line this board is for you.


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