Sizes Available: 130 x 39cm, 133 x 40cm, 136 x 41cm, 139 x 42cm, 142 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 39cm


There are many legends of this great sport, but there is only one Jaime Herraiz. For years his pro model board has been one of the most popular twin tips on the planet and for 2018 that legacy continues. Aimed at the rider who likes to ride both hooked and unhooked, the Jaime is packed with performance. The Quattro V Bottom ensures the landings are smooth and offers plenty of grip, the wide tips and medium flex pattern combine to provide a heady blend of pop and comfort. Lastly, the carbon beam keeps the board lively while reducing the overall weight. If you want to ride like a legend, you’ll need the Jaime in your quiver.

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Our Testers Say:

“Lives up to its reputation: really a performance board that is so easy underfoot it makes you feel like an Olympic ice skater. Excellent upwind, jumping and upwind ability. The Jaime is agile when you want it but carves well too.” // Max Mackendrick

“Locks in its edge extremely well, loads and pops great, never slid out and dominated the chop with fantastic edge control. Grippy comfy straps and pads.” // Justin Lord

“Smooth as butter, this was my favorite board; it will make riding easier on your knees and jumping and landing better.” // Davey Beard

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Jaime is North’s longstanding premium twin tip that straddles the line between comfort and performance freestyle riding. The Jaime features North’s track system which allows you to dial in the perfect stance width (tracks are ducked not centered) and the bindings offer a large amount of adjustment options to set your duck. The Jaimie offers a fairly flat freeride rocker that combines with medium flex to provide a ride that is both forgiving yet has enough reflex to build some serious load and pop. The carbon component of its construction puts it on the lighter side of things and the gently pulled in tips make for really fun carving, with enough grip to make carving and slashing fun, but skatey enough to feel lively when freestyling in the chop. The Jaime has lived up to its reputation of making a splash with testers on both its comfortable pad and strap system and the Jaime’s all around fun but user-friendly freeride performance.

The Jaime came with last year’s NTT pad and strap system but we are going to discuss this year’s Entity pad and strap system (tested with the X-Ride)  which features an entirely new design for its strap adjustment. Interestingly enough, the strap’s tension is adjusted using the pin and hole fasteners that you find on the back of a baseball hat. The strap is split into a V-like coverage that seems to allow the strap to contour to the top of your foot better while balancing comfort against flexibility and control. The layman is probably well served to adjust the desired strap settings on the beach before getting in the water. The underside of the straps feature a super comfy terry cloth-like texture and a ton of adjustment to get the overall fit you desire and two options for setting width of the strap’s attachment into the binding. The foot beds seem to be the same as last year, being fairly dense rubber beds with solid grip and feature subtle contour under the arch with grippy style toe bumps. Overall, the new strap demonstrates North’s commitment to building a compact, adjustment rich and very comfortable pad and strap system for their twin tips.

This page was updated on July 16, 2019. 

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