Sizes Available: Mast: 75cm, Wing: 1000cm²
Sizes Tested: Mast: 75cm, Wing: 1000cm²

F-One Says:

Perfect for learning how to foil, this school pack is built of aluminum and carbon. With its short mast and very accessible wing this foil feels very reassuring and is ideal to discover all the sensations of foiling. Accessible and really progressive, the F-One kitefoil is the new weapon of choice to not only ride, but truly fly over the water.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-One kitefoil has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-One team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-One’s in-house naval architect and the foil assembly concept was completely developed from the ground up based on ease of use.

The 75/1000 hybrid features a 75cm aluminum mast, a front Wing Carbon Freeride 1000 cm², fuselage SST Carbon Freeride 42cm, stabilizer Carbon Freeride 300cm² and KF-Box. Masts of 45, 55 and 65cm can be ordered separately if needed.

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Tkb Says:

The F-one foil family offers a diverse selection of various mast lengths, fuselage lengths, mast base mounting types and multiple wing sizes to optimize the performance to your skill level and style of riding. The combo that we tested is F-One’s general freeride foil package mated with the sandwich style construction TS foilboard.

This setup is F-One’s all around foil aimed at both beginners and more advanced riders focused on freestyle carving and comes with an aluminum 75cm mast that fits into a four bolt base plate which receives the KF-box style mount and a 1000cm wing.  The 1000 foils up at a decent speed that is pretty much middle of the road, neither too slow nor too fast,  and allows you to carve with the waves and chop but it’s not as slow as say a surf foil. The top speed on the 1000cm feels fairly fast; most notably, the stable inputs makes this foil feel very secure when jamming upwind or doing a long downwinder. The 1000 feels like a particularly stable platform which is not overly reactive and makes the beginning foil experience a bit easier to navigate. While the three axis’ feel incredibly stable and smooth, we discovered that the pitch and roll are a bit more reactive than the yaw, so we found ourselves applying more pressure laterally with our front foot to steer the foil during more aggressive carving.

The 75cm mast length was a good length for Baja’s choppy conditions and the aluminum mast feels very crisp with the entire wing assembly seeming very efficient and smooth through the water. The turning arc is a little broader with the 1000 wanting to draw out bigger carves as opposed to a snappy pivot that you can feel on other more twitchy foil designs. Overall, the F-One 1000 feels very stable and refined. As a result, it is probably one of the top foils for the tentative beginner and a great option for the freeride foilboarder who wants a solid compromise between a good top-end speed machine and a wing that will yield fun carving along with the wave energy in the water.


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