Sizes Available: 136cm, 142cm, 146cm
Sizes Tested: 136cm, 146cm


Lighter isn’t always better. In this case, however, the 2018 Misfit is by far our lightest—and best— version yet. Inspired by the same ridiculously strong and lightweight material trusted in the best bike helmets on the market, the new Misfit Air Core features large sections of Koroyd in the tip, tail and lengthwise underfoot. The result: A lighter, more responsive and more dynamic Misfit. The Misfit Air Core features mild rocker, a relatively stiff flex and a bottom profile that favor upwind drive, plow-through-chop performance and all-around freeride handling. Laser-cut NACA channels give the Misfit contour in the tip and tail that help channel water to generate speed and grip. Although a competent freestyle crossover, the Misfit Air Core’s mild rocker means it’s better for all-around cruising and slashing than it is for sticking hard landings.

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Our Testers Say:

“Nice weight, good upwind, love the easy load and pop on this board, hits chop good. Can be a little skatey.” // Chris Myles

“A one man show that delivers the goods anywhere from cruising, jumping and slicing through the chop. Smooth ride with plush bindings that are easy on the knees even in bigger airs.” // Tiberiu Anghel

“Lighter weight, had to adjust to flatter rocker with weight farther back on the board through chop, but liked the footstraps multi-point design.” // Kurt Althen

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Misfit is back for another year as the board that excels in freeride and big air. While the other boards in Slingshot’s line are influenced by a more wakeboard shape, rocker and construction for hardcore freestyle performance, this board continues its legacy of solid kiteboarding performance with its new Air Core construction. The Misfit features three stance width options and a ton of options for adjusting the duck stance. The rocker on the Misfit is fairly flat and as a result this board rockets upwind and feels incredibly sure-footed in finding its edge and tracking a line. The Misfit handles the chop fairly well given its limited rocker, and has a fairly lively feel in the flex department compared to the Refraction and most of the other Slingshot boards we have tested. While generally the Misfit’s relatively straight rail template isn’t super carvey, it’s surprisingly fun when you stomp your back foot down and lay into little waves and chop. Overall, the Misfit is a fast and lively board that is a great choice for big air freeride, well-matched for riders that want to boost to the moon and skate upwind in variable conditions.

The Misfit came with Slingshot’s 2018 Duallys which offer a great combo of comfort and control with a ton of adjustability. Testers praised the rubbery but plush feel of the footbeds which seemed denser under the heel and softer under the toe. The footbed features subtle heal cupping and relatively little contour under the arch with a solid toe bump to keep your feet seated at all times. The quad adjustment strap is all encompassing and allows a ton of adjustability to get the perfect fit and was easy to adjust on the water.


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