Sizes Available: Mast: 38cm, 61cm, 76cm, 90cm
Sizes Tested: Mast: 90cm


The Hover Glide is an all-around freeride foil with a versatile performance profile and aluminum and composite construction, making this the most well-rounded and robust foil on the market. The Hover Glide is also the exclusive foil for Slingshot’s progressive multi-mast Foiling Flight School program. Masts of varying lengths can be purchased individually or as a package and paired with the Hover Glide for user-friendly foil progression. With the Hover Glide, you gain access to the highly-effective Foiling Flight School program.

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Tkb Says:

As one of the first systems to offer multiple mast length options to accelerate the learning process, Slingshot’s  Hover Glide is back for another year with its all around user-friendly mix of freeride carving performance. The Hover Glide foils up at a slow to medium speed with the takeoff feeling nice and gradual as the lift begins to kick in. While on foil, this wing is a finely tuned machine that offers a surprisingly intuitive balance along all axes (pitch, roll and yaw) with fairly stable yet responsive inputs that lend to comfortable straight line foiling, but can also respond to more aggressive input for some fun carving that isn’t too tight or twitchy. This foil likes front foot pressure, so we recommend starting with the foil mounted towards the back of the board if you are going through the learning process. The Hover Glide’s construction is extremely robust with all aluminum parts and a metal wing so you can bash just about anything and come out a winner. While durability is an extremely valuable feature for both foiling in shallow water locations and general transport (you’ll be amazed at the things you can accidentally hit), while not at all apparent while foiling around in the water, you will notice a bit more weight when carrying it. The Hover Glide does a great job of offering the stability that entry level kiters want while giving you a solid taste of the high-end speed that covers distance and keeps things exciting at the same time. It teases you with just enough low-end speed that makes carving open swell super fun and approachable and since Slingshot offers a full line of interchangeable foils, you can always move to a surf wing for the ultimate surf/carving combination.

When it comes to the Flight School mast package, the opportunity to work your way through the incremental sizing of masts offers a methodical and progressive way for learners of all skill levels and aptitudes to master the art of foilboarding. This setup ensures no one has to be left on the beach watching all their kite friends foiling it up in lighter winds. Overall, the Hover Glide is an excellent entry level purchase that will satisfy you through your general progression to intermediate and advanced riding with durability that will keep you on the water regardless of the abuse you throw at it.

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