Sizes Available: 146 x 42.1cm
Sizes Tested: 146 x 42.1cm

Liquid Force Says:

Reminiscent of your favorite fish shape surfboard or your backcountry powder stick, the Moon Patrol offers a smooth elongated outline that allows for free flowing turns and high speed cruising. A single tip to tail concave wood core directs water though the fins making for remarkably smooth ride and easy upwind progression. With the option of setting the stance back from center the Moon Patrol will turn big bone jarring chop into launch pads to orbit over the liquid surface. The Moon Patrol comes with optional 5cm fins for the tail configuration for more drive and projection.

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Our Testers Say:

“Very efficient board, rides upwind easily and is responsive in chop. While it is a directional it’s very maneuverable and has the versatility of a twin tip. Chop friendly.” // Max Mackendrick

“Super smooth and shock absorbing, great upwind on its directional side and easy on the knees. Not quite as fun or good upwind on its reverse direction, but this board is fun and something different that would be a blast on a downwinder.” // Tom Turley

“Super comfortable straps, easily ridden in both directions enabling the rider to get comfortable on a directional while still having the option of a traditional twin tip.” // Rhonda Reyna

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Moon Patrol is back this year with its super carvy semi-directional outline. The Moon Patrol offers three stance width options and some extra lateral adjustment built into the strap base for fine tuning and four hole options on each side of the binding for adjusting the duck stance. This board has a reasonably light feel for its standard construction with a fairly simple bottom shape with a spine running up the center. Because the Moon Patrol has a nose and a tail, the board rockets upwind on your normal tack and when you switch directions you can feel a little bit of extra drag, otherwise it is perfectly capable of riding upwind with the tail pointing forward. This board was super fun carving any piece of swell, smoothly rolling from rail to rail. While the board doesn’t have a very stiff flex pattern it still edges and releases for fun boosty airs quite fine, but hands down this board is in its element playing in the surf and railing into waves and chop.

The Moon Patrol came with the Pro pad and strap system. The strap is all encompassing and soft with a terry cloth-like liner and three Velcro adjustments for getting the right coverage. The footbed has a soft rubber-like material that is both very comfortable and grippy. The footbed has a fair amount of contour under your arch and the heel cup is sufficient to keep your foot locked into the binding. Overall, a very feature rich binding which is one of the most comfortable of the test and positively commented upon unanimously.


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