Sizes Available: 133 x 39cm, 135 x 40cm, 137 x 41cm, 139 x 41.5cm, 144 x 43cm, 147 x 44cm, 152 x 46cm
Sizes Tested: 137 x 41cm

Core Says:

Just about anything is possible on your new Fusion 3, the Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards. New riders will kite longer than ever with the board’s session-extending deep V-hull. Lucky freestylers in spots like Squamish’s hallowed Spit will find even more pop with the improved hull channels. And the braver of souls will harness the Fusion’s Cartan carbon fiber construction with Hood River’s legendary summer winds to challenge the latest WOO record. Regardless of your skill or adventure, the new Fusion 3 delivers next-level awesomeness.

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Our Testers Say:

“Light weight, solid performance and easy to ride. Comfortable pads that can adjust down to a small foot. Pleasurable to ride, glides through the water providing hours of fun without rider fatigue, dancing across the chop for a slick ride.” // Rhonda Reyna

“Mostly locked in edge with minor skatey feeling when leaning back hard. Deep carves, smooth transitions, solid in the categories of upwind, chop handling, but not quite the load and pop performance as the Choice.” // Justin Lord

“Comfortable, soft but not mushy, jumps and lands well, good in the chop. Mercedes-like comfort and performance, good all around board.” // Ivano Stellato

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Fusion is Core’s freeride twin tip that serves as an excellent all around board for entry level to more intermediate level riders. The Fusion features three stance width options and three options for adjusting the stance duck. The Fusion feels a little more skatey and forgiving if you don’t quite have your edge control on lock down. It loves to eat up chop in the windiest conditions and felt a bit more user-friendly in the windier conditions compared to the more freestyle-oriented Choice.

The Fusion came with the Union pad and strap system which is Core’s basic no frills single Velcro adjustment strap mated with a basic diamond cut EVA foam footbed. The footbed features moderate contours and a solid toe bump for grip. Testers overall found these pads to be very comfortable even without the features and extra support of the Union Pro 2 pads that can also be used with the Fusion, but were tested with the Choice.


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