Sizes Available: Board: 135cm, 145cm, Mast: 40, 60, 85cm
Sizes Tested: 135cm board / 85 cm mast

Cabrinha Says:

One board, two faces. A performance hydrofoil board that’s incredibly easy to ride in foil mode, while quickly converting into a fun surf skate. Cabrinha’s 2018 foil board program now offers three different mast sizes to suit a wide range of conditions and ability levels: 40cm is ideal for shallow water locations and riders seeking a confidence inspiring entry into foilboarding. The 60cm mast is a great option for progressing riders that want a stable and user-friendly ride while still offering portability and durability in a solid all-around length. The 85cm mast is an extremely smooth and stable ride in everything from flat water to challenging choppy conditions. The longer length increases the upwind ability and maximizes your potential to ride in all conditions. All three sizes are universally compatible with the Cabrinha Double Agent foil kit.

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Tkb Says:

The Double Agent is back this year with additional mast sizes to give users more options for traversing the learning stage, shallow water locations as well as performance freeride carving. While the Double Agent can be ridden as a foil or as a surfboard, the two faces we found in this board are that it delivers the performance characteristics that allow you to learn to foil and then proceed into super fun freeride carving or kitesurfing with easy but agile responsiveness. 

The board offers twin tip style sandwich construction which offers durability but very little volume/flotation in waterstarts. Some testers liked the low-volume approach for tilting the board up and others commented that the lack of volume took a little more pull from the kite to get up and going. Construction-wise, the mast, fuselage and wing arrangement offers you a ton of durability at a very reasonable overall weight. The Double Agent also offers tons of strap insert options: for your front foot you have three forward/aft options in a racing/ducked/windsurfing stance and three forward/aft options down the centerline of the board for carving. The back footstrap gets three forward/aft options down the center of the tail. With the sandwich style construction, the foil’s mast is planted in a single position which doesn’t give you the adjustability of mast tracks, but as far as placement goes we found the foil’s location put our feet in a very comfortable position for those that ride with straps.

When it comes to foiling up, the Double Agent has a reasonably slow foil-up speed, not as slow as a surf foil, but slow enough that lift happens at a speed friendly to beginners and also a speed that allows you to carve up chop or even sail at a speed that is slow enough to be fun. The Double Agent’s top-end speed is decent and will keep most freeride enthusiasts happy but if you’re a speed freak that wants to get his straight line on, there are much higher aspect designs with higher top speeds on the market for mowing some serious distance. For those that want to carve and stay engaged with the energy in the ocean, the Double Agent offers just the right amount of reactivity to your inputs. We found that the Double Agent is more reactive on the yaw axis, while a little slower on the pitch and roll axis which makes for a fun directional carving experience, yet predictable in the height department for the newbies out there. Overall, the Double Agent is one of our favorite freeride foiling options that can take you from zero to carving hero and delivers a ton of fun in the process.


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