Sizes Available: 120 x 46cm, 145 x 47cm, 145 x 51cm
Sizes Tested: 145 x 51cm

Airush Says:

Building on incredibly positive feedback on the 2017 Core Foil Board, we have refined key details to increase the high-end freeride performance without sacrificing ease of use.

One of the most significant changes is the outline, where the wide point has been moved forward and the tail width reduced. This optimizes the stability when touching down or getting started, while the narrower tail allows the board to be edged to windward more aggressively, specifically when using a shorter mast or for the more advanced rider going upwind. The foil attachment system now features a double box system allowing the board to be compatible with most vertical mast, plate style foils.

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Tkb Says:

Airush has put significant resources this year into their foilboard offering and amongst their dedicated foil platforms is the Core Foilboard which aside from its performance benefits is also a certified ecoboard. This year’s board  comes with the standard mast tracks which makes it much more versatile in terms of what equipment you can run on the board and gives you the ability to dial in your balance point to exactly where you want it.

The strap insert offering is extremely generous with the front foot getting two options forward/aft in both the racing/windsurfing ducked configuration and two options in the centered surf configuration. The tailpad strap gets two forward/aft options down the center of the board. This is key because the verdict between duck and centered stances is still up in the air, but each camp tends to feel strongly about its preference. The Core foilboard features a nice flat deck which is ideal for predictable and user-friendly control input into your hydrofoil and a substantial rail chine which really helps for accidental rail touchdowns while going upwind. If the hip of the board contacts a piece of chop it cuts through the water without grabbing or altering your path which is a huge feature when you are flying at top speeds on the 550 wing or just working out the details of basic upwind riding. The nose has a fair amount of scoop and is just the right length for both freeride and learning.

The traction pads on the boards are thin and grippy, which we found to be ideal for hydrofoiling when the riders wants razor thin inputs to transfer direct to the wing for proper control; a thin pad will give you better awareness and feedback of what’s going on 80cm below you. The board has a solid amount of volume which helps first timers and also came in handy in the lightest wind sessions where every ounce of flotation helped you eek enough speed out of the board to get the foil into flight. Overall, the Core Foilboard is a highly refined second generation product that offers great build quality with tons of user-friendly features that meets the needs of the speed freak, freeride and carving hydrofoiler and is versatile option for foilers of all levels.

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