Sizes Available: 135 x 41cm, 138 x 42cm, 140 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 41cm, 138 x 42cm

Airush Says:

Staying true to its roots, the Apex has been designed as your all-around intermediate to advanced freeride/freestyle board, to be ridden with footstraps or boots. Featuring a higher rocker and stiffer more continuous flex pattern than the Switch, the Apex features deep Venturi concaved bottom shape which results in the flow of water being forced away from the fins. These features combine to give the Apex amazing pop and impact resistance on hard landings for those throwing down freestyle tricks, freeriding, or trying to beat their big air scores. Featuring the Multi-zone Biotech Core combined with carbon fiber tape, this board is perfect for the rider pushing their limits with hooked and unhooked powered tricks.

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Our Testers Say:

“Smooth turns, strong pop—a performance board which will keep up with advanced riders, but won’t intimidate beginners.” // Tiberiu Anghel

“Great pads and straps—pads are grippy with lots of padding. Straps have lots of adjustment and are very comfortable.” // Dray Murray

“Turns even the choppiest conditions into a glassy smooth ride and locks in an edge like it is on rails. Ridges in the pad are aggressive.” // Justin Lord

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Apex is Airush’s performance freeride twin tip geared for the demanding freestyle riders out there. The Apex features three inserts for adjusting stance width options and a ton of options built into the pad/strap combo for adjusting the duck. The Apex has a more aggressive rocker than the Airush Switch but still has a very locked in feel when tracking upwind, despite the higher rocker design and the smaller fin sizing. The Apex has a denser flex pattern which means more experienced riders can put more energy into load, release and pop which yields more pop on both sent and unsent jumping. While the Apex is intended to offer the rider more performance, that doesn’t equate to less in terms of comfort—the Apex goes through the chop quite well with a fairly locked in feel and testers found the Apex can be fun for carve and slash riding in the waves. Overall, the Apex is still quite user-friendly while offering riders a little more intermediate to advanced performance, ideal for the freerider who wants to push their board a little harder.

The Apex came with the Element pad and strap system which featured a rubbery foot bed with tons of ridges that most tester found extremely grippy and comfortable. The straps have multiple adjustment straps that testers found to have a ton of adjustment for getting just the right fit. There’s a subtle toe bump to keep your foot glued inand overall got solid praise for all around comfort and control.


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