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Sizes Available: 135 x 39cm, 138 x 41cm, 140 x 42cm, 145 x 44cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 39cm, 138 x41cm

Airush Says:

The longest running board model in kiteboarding history, the Switch is the ultimate and most refined freeride machine. Although the overall outline of the Switch has remained the same, a significant change in the 3D deck contouring has improved the flex characteristics for excellent comfort and reduction of weight giving this board a smoother and livelier ride.

The Airush multi-zone Biotech construction is a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich; this multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. This core construction allows us to design the boards with a broad thickness variance throughout the deck. The flex tip technology featured on our Switch range orients the board’s stiffness through the center between ones feet to increase under foot stability while allowing the tips of the board to flex freely, resulting in an ultra smooth and comfortable ride.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/boards/switch-15

Our Testers Say:

“Really comfortable foot pads and nicely fitted straps. The Switch is a fun board to ride, gliding smoothly through chop and over waves while providing the ultimate in foot comfort.” // Rhonda Reyna

“Good dampening in the chop, smooth riding makes it easy on the knees and comfortable, a little less edge control when loaded up for jumps.” // Tom Turley

“Stable and good edging, smooth in the chop with solid edge control, middle of the road load and pop and good upwind ability.” // Paul Holcomb

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

We tested the Switch twin tip in the Core trim level (also available in the Progression, and a Team version) which means that we tested the classic performance construction. The Progression version of the Switch has a softer flex pattern for entry level kiters and the Team version of the Switch comes in a carbon layup. The Switch features three inserts for adjusting stance width options and a ton of options built into the pad/strap combo for adjusting the duck. The Switch compared to the Apex has a livelier flex pattern which finds a nice balance between user-friendly flex and entry level performance. The load and pop is a bit softer and perhaps more approachable for entry level riders and the landings with the Switch’s rocker and flex pattern is very friendly. The Switch is a bit more skatier than the Apex and quite a bit more forgiving when it comes to locking in an edge and controlling the board while setting a rail going up wind. Overall testers gave the Switch praise for its smooth chop-handling ride and recommended it as a great all around board for progressive kiters looking for comfort with the added bonus of a reliable performer that will help to conquer just about everything.

The Switch came with the Element pad and strap system which featured a rubbery foot bed with tons of ridges that most testers found extremely comfortable and grippy while others reported the pattern to be a bit on the aggressive side. The straps have multiple adjustment straps that testers found to have a ton of adjustment for getting the right fit and the footbed has a subtle toe bump to keep your foot glued to the board. Overall, these bindings received high praise for their adjustability and all around comfort and control.


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