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Sizes Available: 6.5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16m
Sizes Tested: 8, 14m

JN Kites Says:

The 4th generation will convince you of JN’s typical sportive performance. Thanks to a very powerful kite surface, in Full 3D-Concave-Shape, the Mr. Fantastic covers a wide wind range and offers easy handling with a simple and refined 4-line set up. The all purpose kite offers the necessary characteristics for all stages of rider skills and an On/Off power generation for beginners along with tight turns and a stable, well-balanced flying character for more experienced freeriders and wave riders. The Mr Fantastic is shaped with a “sweptback” leading edge, which allows the rider to adjust the angle of approach as with other high depower kites, but without the loss of direct steering. The JN specific canopy to tip construction gives the kite a very responsive and direct character combined with moderate bar pressure. The simple bridles support the increased angle of approach and additionally enhance the kite’s stability while offering a wide wind range.

Visit for more info: www.jn-kites.com/gear/kites/mr-fantastic-4

Our Testers Say:

“Very stable with good low end. This is the Chevy Malibu of kites—everyone can drive it. Easy to fly, great kite for a beginner.” // Bernard Chi

“Nice, light canopy, simple 4-line rigging, bar had an aggressive grip. This all-arounder does just about everything reasonably well, good for advancing freeriders.” // Tkb Staff

“Not a ton of development in the bar arena but the kite looks nice and is super stable. Great kite for someone who is scared of a powerful and fast kite.” // Marko Bartscherer

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

Mr. Fantastic is a low to medium aspect freeride kite that has been paired down to 3-struts since the last time we tested this model when it had 5 struts. The construction on the Mr. Fantastic is fairly simple and straightforward. The front bridle attachment point ends in a loop and the wingtip attachment ends in a knot. Compared to the Wild Thing, the Mr. Fantastic is a much lower aspect kite that is geared to riders of all levels and ease of use. The steering response is fairly crisp with a pivot-style steering arc that is relatively quick. The kite features middle of the road bar pressure, perhaps a little less than the Wild Thing, but overall in the ballpark of medium. While the Mr. Fantastic doesn’t deliver the explosive lift or hangtime that you get with a performance freeride kite, its user-friendly and predictable handling can deliver some fun big air jumps with a skilled freestyler. Mr. Fantastic is neither fast or twitchy and seems to like to hang back in the middle of the window with fairly good range. Power is fairly progressive through the bar’s throw and when it comes to relaunch, from deep within the window, the kite rolled up off its nose and launched with ease. With a build on that feels light and straightforward rigging, the Mr. Fantastic is a user-friendly all around kite that’s ideal for advancing freeriders looking for a kite that will comfortably log some water time in all conditions.

The Master’s Craft Bar is an adjustable length bar (45cm to 55cm) that features a unique push away quick release. A one piece loop separates from the quick release body above the loop, so the chicken loop stays with your harness hook and the quick release leaves with the bar. This swivel-less bar features a single center line depower that ensures a solid flag, with a high V split to the kite’s leading edge bridle and a Clam cleat for adjusting the power. The center lines end in loops while the outside lines end in knots with clear labels that help you choose settings while rigging the kite. The Master’s Craft uses a PVC covered throw line for durability and the bar floats are separated from the bar and can easily be pushed up to adjust the length of the outside lines. The bar ends have substantial room for winding the lines at the end of a session and bungees to ensure it doesn’t come undone in the back of your car. With a medium density EVA grip with a fairly aggressive pattern this bar won’t slip out of your hands during the heavier moments. Overall, the Master’s Craft bar features a number of solid adjustment options in a simple, fairly lightweight package.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.jn-kites.com/gear/control-systems/masters-craft-bar-2-water


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