Sizes Available: 132×39.5, 135×40.5, 138×41.5, 140×42, 142×42.5cm
Sizes Tested: 142cm

JN Kites Says:

This board brings you to the next level in freestyle and freeride. A fairly square outline and flat three stage rocker with flexible tips make this board an unrivaled freestyler in terms of pop, speed and landings. An optimized concave and flexible tips make for smooth landings. The Chit Chat Reloaded II provides its incredible upwind performance through a balanced combination of concave, outline and extra thin ABS sidewalls. With controlled flex response and vibration control for precise feedback, it also offes amazing pop thanks to the balanced flex and straight outline.

Constructed with a Paulownia wood core and laminated with fiber quad glass, combined with a sophisticated application of a full layer of carbon fiber, this helps achieve the precise flex characteristics of the respective area. For enhanced durability the Chit Chat is equipped with ABS sidewalls and an ICP bottom sheet. We have completely redesigned our inserts to make them correctly spaced to allow use of the most popular bindings on the market.

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Our Testers Say:

“Thin and flexible, edged upwind really well but also fairly skatey particularly because we didn’t have fins to put in it the first day.” // Kurt Althen

“Great board for light wind; its length and flex makes up for bad wind. Skatey but only when you want it, but overall a reliable board to add to any quiver. As a bigger guy I would choose this in a wider/larger size.” // Max Mackendrick

“Nice weight, good load and pop, good chop handling and good upwind ability.” // Tiberiu Anghel

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Chit Chat Reloaded II is the first board we’ve tested from JN and this thing turned out to be an upwind rocket. The Chit Chat is a carbon board offering four options for stance width adjustment and three options for adjusting the stance duck. The first thing we noticed about this board was the flat rocker and the 28mm fins. The board loves to lock into an edge and zoom upwind, so much so that we were often amazed after a short tack how far up the beach we would end up. This flat rocker feels very fast and excelled in marginal conditions when the wind was up and down, allowing us to carry speed through the holes. When it comes to jumping the flatter rocker requires a little bit more finesse for load and release, but the fairly stiff flex pattern can be good for strong load and pop. Despite the smaller fins, this board feels fairly grippy in the water and is incredibly easy to hold on edge.

The Chit Chat Reloaded II features a pad and strap combo that features a single Velcro adjustment strap and a footbed of EVA that had a fair amount of heel cupping to keep your foot in the binding. The pad strikes a solid balance between plushness and density, and have a fair amount of contour under the arch and a smooth toe bump. Overall, this pad and strap system offers solid comfort and control.


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