Sizes Available: 133 x 38.5cm, 135 x 40cm, 138 x 41.5cm, 141 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 40cm, 138 x 41.5cm

Cabrinha Says:

The all-new Ace Wood board provides a dampened ride for any and all progressive freeriding. The dampening properties of the Paulownia wood core are perfectly suited for the Ace wood model. The Ace wood provides a smooth yet powerful ride even in choppy water. The enhanced flex allows you to keep an edge in less than ideal water conditions. This makes for a greater level of control on your take offs and provides a soft landing that your knees will thank you for. Comes with 40cm fins and handle.

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The Ace Carbon is a performance board with structural carbon that stiffens the flex pattern for increased response and explosive pop.

The full carbon layup provides a greater level of pop and reflex for the ultimate freeride / freestyle experience. The carbon makes for a stiffer board which will turn a piece of smooth water into your private skate park. When you load up and push against the tail it will return the favor with a spring like no other. Comes with 40mm fins and handle.

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Our Testers Say:

“The carbon features a solid build and light weight, rails nicely on edge with good pop, more skatey when carving, straps comfy in some ways but narrow in the center.” // Tom Turley

“Stable yet skatey ride, decent pop but not too aggressive. Overall forgiving and surprisingly stable ride and straps are comfortable if adjusted right.” // Davey Beard

“Smooth ride through chop, wood finish looks cool, buttery smooth ride that holds edge but straps didn’t adjust tight enough for small feet.” // Justin Lord

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Ace is Cabrinha’s all around freeride board and comes with three stance width options and three options for adjusting the duck stance. We tested both the wood Paulownia core and the carbon construction version back to back. Overall, the wood version is much flexier with a softer flex pattern and  is a little more forgiving in choppy conditions. The carbon version feels a bit lighter, particularly when you get it in the air, but offers a stiffer flex pattern which can be exploited for some heaving load and pop. If you’re cruising you will like the absorption qualities of the Paulownia and if you’re looking for ultimate performance freeride big air, carbon would probably be the ticket. The Ace overall is fairly forgiving with edge control not being quite as locked in as the XCaliber. With regard to tip spray and chop handling, the Ace is fairly playful and easy to use, making it a great option for the all-around freeride kiter.

The Ace came with H1 pads and straps system which features a single Velcro adjustment strap and a fairly dense foot bed that is somewhat light on contours. Testers commented on the pads’ middle of the road grip with the H1’s dense rubbery foot bed pattern throughout and a subtle toe bump. Testers remarked that the straps are fairly narrow at the arch of the foot and those with smaller feet were challenged to get it adjusted for a good fit.


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