In 2014, Nicolas Gambier had the opportunity to spend 6 months in the Philippines during his studies. At the time, he had already discovered many spots, especialy around Boracay (Union, Seco…). This January, he decided to go back to the Philippines with two friends.

The Philippines represents more than 7k islands, with constant wind blowing from 15 to 30 knots from December until March making it one of the biggest kiteboarding playgrounds in the world at that time of the year! The thing is, many places & islands are still yet to be discovered but it is very hard to get there knowing transports are not fully developped. Nicolas’ objective was to discover a new place considering the small amount of time he had on his last trip.

Luckily, a friend that he met on the Kite Tour Asia in 2014 had time to chase those new spots and just opened a new kiteboarding center in Mindoro. This place is a perfect basecamp to go and discover tiny islands with amazing spots, reachable in an hour by boat. They decided to showcase one of them, Libagao Island; the perfect playground for oldschool/newschool and strapless fun!