The Dyno is back for 2018. Purpose-built for riders preparing for and racing in the Youth Olympic Games, designer Ken Winner tells us more.

What was your vision for developing the 2018 Dyno?

The Dyno is a narrowly focused kite designed specifically for riders that are preparing for, and racing in the Youth Olympic games. 

When the earlier version of this Dyno came out, it dominated tube kite racing. There was, basically, no tube kite that could touch it. It has a unique combination of power and turning ability that is particularly suited to the new form of competition. 

What was the process for the 2018 DYNO and who did you call upon to help with R&D? 

We started with the earlier version of the Dyno and refined it. We relied chiefly on Steph Bridge, who’s won quite a few kitesurfing World Championships and is coaching the UK Youth Olympic team.

What and the most noticeable design updates we see on the new 2018 Dyno ? 

The main differences lie in the inflation system, strut reinforcements and the canopy cloth. Inflation is now single-point for a quicker, easier start to the session. The struts have been reinforced to prevent damage in vulnerable areas. The cloth is much better than what we’ve used in the past, as it has the superior thread weight and orientation found in all 2018 North kites. 

What new settings are available on the 2018 Dyno and what recommendations do you have for them?

The 2018 Dyno flies well on both 5-line and 4-line bars. Racers will probably want to use four lines. When using four lines, the Click Bar is best, as it allows riders to set the bar up with maximum emergency depower (for when the Chicken Loop is released), so that the kite will depower fully on one front line. 

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This article was updated on July 16, 2019. 

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