The City of Miami Beach is trying to ban kitesurfing! They will soon vote to force all kitesurfers to kite in one small location, at the edge of the city, which will in fact create a safety hazard.

There is a simpler solution. The Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation request the city instead enforce some simple guidelines:
– do not fly your kite over the beach, except to launch and land
– kite 200 feet from shore
– stay 50 feet away from swimmers

Additionally, all kiteboarders should be required to present IKO 3 certification and the city should open more location for novice kiteboarders as well as lesson locations.

Why is the city not enforcing some simple rules and instead trying to ban kitesurfing? Where does it stop? Jet Skis? Swimmers? Umbrellas? Snorkeling?

Although Miami Beach may not be your kiteboarding spot, this affects you no matter where you are. Let’s not let this be the start of a trend. Let’s¬†work together to keep beach access open to everyone. It starts here. Stop the ban!

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Click here to sign the petition to stop the kitesurfing ban at Miami Beach!