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We are announcing the final week of our Good Read, Good Deed Sweepstakes. New subscribers this week will automatically be entered to win a $2018 credit towards a VelaKitesurf vacation of your choice (13 locations to choose from) as well as an NP 2018 Proton harness!

With our Good Read Good Deed promotion, new subscribers to Tkb can choose to donate 40% of their annual subscription to one of Tkb’s cause-related partners including:

  • KB4C (Project Koru empowering young adults with Cancer)
  • La Ventana Classic (high school scholarship programs)
  • XBA Kitexpo (Oceano Jr. Lifeguard Summer Program in memory of Kinsley ThomasWong)
  • College Kiteboarding Association (competitions and scholarships for high school/collegiate kiters)
  • Bridge of the Gods (scholarship program, grooming young groms)
  • MASS Kiting (Cape Crusade in support of Joe Sharon, injured kiter)

Subscribe here, choose your cause, and be automatically entered to win a $2018 credit towards a VelaKitesurf vacation of your choice and an NP 2018 Proton harness.