Winter 2017, Vol. 14, No. 4 is out now. In this issue, we follow Jesse Richman to the big wave mecca of Nazaré, tail Matt Elsasser on a comeback mission to Indo and tag along with Brandon Scheid as he and the LF crew break the rules of the baguette in Southern France. We interview Airush’s kite designer Mark Pattison, talk shaping seasons with North’s Sky Solbach and profile F-One’s least recognized but possibly largest asset, Micka Fernandez.

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Jesse Richman meets one of the Atlantic’s biggest swells in Nazaré. While the tow-in component of big wave surfing on a kite is fairly straightforward, making a three-story tall section and finding the exit is where the biggest problems can occur.

In the land of cheese, bread and good wine, all-American athlete Brandon Scheid leads the European Liquid Force team through a series of kiteboarding faux pas in Leucate in order to strike photographic gold.

The kite can be your best friend until it quickly becomes your worst enemy. Matt Elsasser recounts his harrowing tangle with kite lines in Maui, his road to recovery and ultimately, his redemption via the Indonesian barrel.

Micka Fernandez is little known but always impressive. As F-One’s head equipment tester, this small-framed powerhouse does just about every watersport at an athletic level that never ceases to amaze.

Mark Pattison is the head kite designer behind Airush’s long history of innovation. Bali-bound for half of the year, this unassuming Australian is chipping away at the divide between surfing and kiting while scoring some of the best surf the planet has to offer.

When three heads are better than one: Surfboard designer Sky Solbach recruits Brazilian Sebastian Ribeiro and local big wave legend Patri McLaughlin to spend the fall season in Maui rebooting North’s entire line of surfboards.

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